The term “technical difficulties” can be quite convenient but not to the point that you start making excuses for bad appointment setting. When something gets in the way of your communication or a bug in your email filter blocked out a prospect’s response message, know that there are some things about such accidents that keep you from using them constantly for a poor appointment setting strategy!

The Limits Of Playing The “Technical Difficulties” Card For Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting, Software Appointment Setting, Sales LeadsIf appointment setting were akin to your average platform game, claiming “Technical Difficulties” in any part of the process can be like those pick-ups you use only times where you are in a definite pinch. But whether it is those games or appointment setting, such situations are described as:

  • Rare – It can just be a stroke of bad luck that your handset slipped or your phone line got cut. Then again, what kind of appointment setting campaign has that on a painfully regular basis? If you were marketing something like SCM software, even your prospects will smell that something fishier is going on.
  • Identifiable – SCM professionals know the fine line between bad coincidence and a constant rate of mistakes. The latter is what your appointment setting strategy should get to doing once a ‘technical difficulty’ has become too constant to ignore. And when you have recognized it, why then would you keep playing that card when you stand to lose more SCM software leads for being dishonest?
  • Fixable – You do not stop at just knowing a problem is there. If this problem is ruining your appointment setting process, you should get to fixing it. Delaying much-needed repairs or not seeking temporary alternatives only goes to show you are lazy in the eyes of software prospects.

Going back to the platform game analogy, things that are supposed to save you from these pinches are also quite hard to find. Why waste time looking for tactic to save you from emergency situations when you can just improve your appointment setting process in ways that will prevent them?

Yes there are really unlucky times during your appointment setting campaign where something like a power outage or sudden internet disconnection cuts you off while still in the middle of communicating with potential prospects. Despite that, the good thing about them is that they do not happen frequently and will not cost you that many software sales leads in the long run.

When it is frequent then that is where you are in trouble.

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