Goodbye 2016, hello 2017!

Christmas shopping is done, the new year is almost upon us, and the January conversion lull is on its way. It’s easy to just want to hibernate for the rest of winter. However, as the quieter months role in, you get the biggest gift of all: time! Time to strategize, optimize and fulfill your 2017 eCommerce resolutions.

So sit back, toast to the new year, and get ready to optimize with these four things every eCommerce store should do in the New Year to ensure more traffic and higher conversion rates in 2017.

1: Live Stream

Video has been the darling of social media for the last couple of years, but it was live streaming that took the top video spot in 2016. According to Social Media Today: Users spend three times longer watching video which is Live compared to video which is no longer Live, while video posts as a whole have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts, making live streamed content a must for 2017 social media strategies. Live personalized content will not only help build your brand and customer database, but will give your online store a human touch.

Facebook Live is leading the way in social live streaming, followed by apps like Periscope, Snapchat and Instagram Stories, that you can use for flash deal promotions, new stock reveals and behind-the-scene content. Make 2017 the year you conquer your fear of video!

2: Automate Your Mails

Use the first quarter to revamp your transactional emails and your email marketing plans. With the right email platform, you can automate most of the emails with regards to the sales process, as well as integrate perfectly with your database-building apps like Coupon Pop. Overall, both strategies will improve the relationship customers have with your brand all through the transaction, and help retain customers for repeat sales.

Every email you send, from confirmations to promotions has the potential to be optimized to increase sales conversions, grow followers and build customer loyalty.

automated emails

Email marketing is an absolute must for an eCommerce business to skyrocket sales, and it’s never more important than during the quieter months. Use email marketing to upsell, push New Year promotions and more.

3: Product Display Refresh

If you found your conversions were lower than you anticipated in the fourth quarter, it may be time to edit your site. Are your product photos or displays need a refresh? Are they on par with your closest competition? The trick is to ensure that your photo quality is top-notch, but the size small — so as to not slow your site down.

Revamping your product photos can work magic on your bounce rates and sales conversions. Think of the background you are using and how you display the product to make stock more desirable to potential customers while making your overall site appear more trustworthy. Learn more in our full guide: Product Photography Tips and Tricks. Or why not consider adding video to the product pages as well, like one of our leading merchants, Boom By Cindy Joseph.

eCommerce product videos

4: Go Global

In a recent data analysis we did of $150 million worth of eCommerce sales, it was revealed that expanding your business internationally can increase your sales by up to 50%.

Start 2017 off right by connecting and selling to more customers globally. If this is the first time you will be expanding outside of your home country, there’s no reason to start big. Check your traffic sources to see which country, other than yours, is generating the most traffic and go from there.

Don’t forget to update your site to cater to other languages if necessary, to make your site more accessible to the new country you will be selling in, and to adjust pricing and tax compliance strategies.

So let’s go! A year full of sales awaits. Have something to add? Get in touch by commenting below.