If you were a member of the Denver Broncos football team, you had a lot of reasons to feel thats why they play the game resized 600great going into Super Bowl XLVII.

Both your coach and your future-Hall-of-Fame quarterback had been there, done that Super Bowl thing. Your #1-seeded offense had been breaking records all season long. Fer cryin’ out loud, your VP of Operations is John freakin’ Elway, who himself scored back-to-back Lombardi Trophies for the Broncs back in the 90s. Nearly every pundit had all but handed you the trophy.

Yep, you were destined to win this thing. Right up until the game itself.

In case you can’t tell, I watch a fair amount of football, and there’s one facet of the sport never fails to amaze me. The experts have at their disposal an unprecedented volume of data as well as the capability to crunch and re-crunch all those numbers into a perfect statistical model in a fraction of a second. And yet, upsets still happen.

And when those upsets happen, the pundits have a saying, usually accompanied by a sheepish shake of the head: “That’s why they play the game.”

Last Sunday’s upset was indeed one for the ages, with the Seattle Seahawks trouncing the vaunted Broncos 43-8. And it got me to thinking about some of the protestations I hear from would-be content marketers:

“That’s never gonna work for this company, and here’s why …”

“We could never do that, because …”

“… and that’s why this content marketing thing just isn’t for us.”

All these objections are accompanied by very sound, sane arguments. On paper it all makes perfect sense … just like the Broncos winning Super Bowl XLVII.

That’s why they play the game.

So if you’re one of those marketers who has a litany of good, solid, fact-based reasons for passing on content marketing, maybe it’s time to ponder some radical questions:

What if it turns out those reasons don’t apply to us?

What if those obstacles proved to be not such a big deal after all?

What if we surprised everybody … including ourselves?

Maybe it’s time for you to play the game and just see what happens.