Change Managment

I am coming to the conclusion that I need to stop saying the word, “change.” Our culture is so protective and people go to the extreme when it comes to any change. The word, “change” is almost a turnoff today or worse yet it is used as a crutch. The truth is change needs to occur every day.

Every day, I am looking at areas that need to be updated, changed, reviewed, discussed, addressed, completed, etc. The ultimate goal is to continue to work toward a better direction and experience.

For me, it is about being able to look at a picture in time, for me it is about the short-term game. I want to be ready each day and bring my best game.

Here is what my day looks like.

I start the day looking at areas I want to address and ultimately improve.

(1) From here, I want to make sure I connect with my subordinates and make sure they see me as someone who is on a mission.

(2) Also need to connect with clients and vendors in some way: social media, email, phone or in person.

(3) I want to celebrate wins each day. I look for short-term wins.

I repeat this process (1-3) throughout the day.

Before I go home I review the items I wanted to address and I decide where I am going to spend my time in the evening. Family first and then items to address or I look closer at (2)

This process has helped me look at each day as a new day with opportunities. Through this process I am making huge inroads with processes, client relationships and ultimately more sales growth.

Change is just a part of this whole process. I don’t call it change management. I don’t call this process time management. I call it,

Results Management – It is all about seeing results. If I can’t achieve results, I question why I am doing a particular activity.

I continue to want to be results driven and the only way I can see results is if I have a set of goals/tasks I need to complete and I need to celebrate wins.

My advice, expect results and you will see them.