Searching for a job could be fun, but in the most cases it isn’t. An average candidate looks anxious, uncertain and vulnerable. The more time it takes to find a job, the less optimistic a candidate becomes. Recruiters understand that living in a standby mode doesn’t increase the candidates’ self-esteem. Nevertheless, recruiters, as well as employers, expect to see at an interview a confident, full of enthusiasm pro. A candidate’s task is to make just such an impression.I

Develop a kind of amnesia

Every interview is a separate project. You should take into account your experience, but don’t get stuck on negative issues such as criticism, rejections, unfriendly recruiters, failed tests and so on. Start from the point zero.

On the other hand, refresh in your memory the brightest episodes of your career when you were a superhero. Do you remember feeling proud and strong those days? Replay those moments in your memory. And don’t forget to make sure that these episodes are mentioned in your resume.

You don’t have an intention to accept the very first offer, do you?

Don’t mix up two different attitudes. The first one is the strong intension to get a job that will give you a number of challenges, impressions (preferably positive), prospects in networking and bonuses. This attitude is based on strength. Another one is based on weakness. That’s the feeling when you’re desperate to get a job. Because you’ve just had enough of empty days. Because this situation wears you down. And yes, because you need money. Such a mood looks through a candidate’s eyes and doesn’t add points.

So let an interview be just one of a number of opportunities. A chance, not the only chance.

This attitude allows you to see things broadly. You can make a conversation with the recruiter. This is “your choice” situation as opposed to “no choice”.

Pay attention to your image

First of all, follow the dress code and, what is more important, choose for an interview the best clothes from your wardrobe. You should look respectable. That’s why cheap and out-of-style clothes are not an option at all. But don’t look posh, either.

Your appearance reflects your spirit. When recruiters see a well-dressed candidate with a nice haircut and pleasant smile, they just can’t resist awarding such a candidate an extra point.

Dressing the well-worn clothes and shoes is the best way to give the chance to other applicants. A good candidate is a successful candidate. A successful professional doesn’t wear cheap or rumpled clothes. Don’t forget about business accessories such as pen, datebook, business card holder and so on. The rule is the same: they should look smart.

Stay calm

Keep balance between staying focused and calm. Concentration doesn’t mean you have to sit all the time on the edge of your seat, catching recruiter’s every word and painstakingly imitating in your answers what it’s said in the articles on job searching. Improvise. Be natural. It means: your pose, facial expression, voice. Your answers too. The best way to stay natural is to keep calm. Try to show that you’re open and ready to communicate, yet you’re not intended to neglect your interests.

Stay calm because you ARE fine. You live in the world full of opportunities and you’re on the way to the great chance for you career!

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