I went to the opticians yesterday for my seven-yearly check-up. The opticians, curse of us hardcore web workers for how they castigate and caution us for spending 17 hours a day in front of a phalanx of pixels.

He was a lovely man, though questionable in the extreme for his choice in humour which involved him making a rather sordid reference to a scene in A Clockwork Orange while my chin rested in the bowels of a particularly peculiar machine.

But that’s not important. What is, is how with a few deft flicks of his wrist and an arrangement of innocuous shards of glass he transformed my competent sight into that of a superhero.

In five minutes, which included a couple of gos on this absurdly basic 1980s-style ‘follow the dots’ game, he’d turned me into Batman! Or Captain America. Or the Green Lantern.

Or more concisely, the one who can see through walls.

see success like a superhero
Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight cc

Small steps to success

You don’t need to go see an optician to see the benefits of making minor modifications. Businesses in the know are changing their websites daily to help people focus on what’s important – for both the customer and entrepreneur.

In this age of always being busy, more is definitely less. Doing the very best with what little time you have available means you can keep in sight at all times the little things that generate the greatest rewards.

It’s not necessarily about crafting the perfect story about your brand. It’s not about redesigning your website. It’s about starting somewhere and building gradually and methodically towards your grand vision, snapping up the incremental rewards that come with commitment and none of the haste with which we customarily lace our days.

There’s a reason the Italians are all over the philosophy of slow food. It works. No other nation gets what’s good for us better than the central Europeans. Family time, natural ingredients, and smiles. Always smiles.

Take your time

Take a look at the feedback from your customers. Find the easiest thing to modify – and with clear intent, do it. And wallow in that for more time than it deserves. Because in your mind, the little things aren’t worthy. But they are – and together, they add up to a pretty big mountain and a summit you’ll be proud to have conquered.

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