ID-10035780Do you have a business calendar that keeps you up-to-date with all of your appointments, marketing plans, and inventory schedules? Most likely you do (and if you don’t, refer back to my blog “How to Make a Business Calendar” for tips on creating one). The question now is, what events are you forgetting to include? Here are 6 areas to look at when adding events to your business calendar.

1. Employee work schedule. Start with your employee schedule. Note any changes as far as staying late, coming in early for special projects, etc.

2. Upcoming projects. Now is the time to use your calendar to plan out the most appropriate times for upcoming projects, and schedule them in. This will not only create a plan, but also keep you on track for completing the project in a time frame that makes sense for your business and budget.

3. Business conferences/conventions. What business conventions are going to move your business to the next level? Get online and do some research about what events you (or your company) would like to attend. Be sure to add registration dates to your calendar as well. These conferences can be great networking tools, so choose wisely and plan ahead!

4. Sales events. What events are coming up which would provide you with a great opportunity to market products for a reduced price? Consider Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.

5. Product Launches. Are you coming out with a new product? A lot of work goes in to marketing so schedule it in! You are much more likely to stick with your plan if it is scheduled on your calendar.

6. Breaks and holidays. This is where your company (and YOU) can schedule vacations and breaks from work.

Did this list provide you with more to think about in terms of your calendar? Do you have more to add to our list? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.