Are you a proud mother opting to work full-time to give your children the best? Perhaps you’re juggling home duties while studying for your masters degree? Maybe you consider yourself an entrepreneur with toes dipped into many businesses? Or perchance you’re your own boss working from home dabbling into freelance work?

Whatever your working circumstances, it can be extremely hard wearing many hats which each require their own skills. When there isn’t enough hours in a day, it becomes all too easy to miss deadlines, appointments and sleep. To avoid a downwards spiral of stress and dismay, it’s important that you’re able to project manage yourself. Successfully doing so, will result in more profitable work being produced and an advancement in your career.

A Versatile Schedule Is the Key to Success

Working within an office environment project managing seems to come second nature. The key to a triumph working life is a faultless but adaptable schedule:

  • Firstly schedule locked-in events, the ones you have no control in changing, such as: deadlines, appointments and meetings.
  • Once you have an idea of your schedule, start listing tasks which need completing daily. This may include: household chores, picking up children from school, walking the family dog (these tasks may seem minor but they’re still important).
  • Some tasks are larger than others and will need breaking-down, when this is the case, allocate to-do lists to each ones while fresh in your mind and prioritise by importance.
  • Allow for flex-time just in case something doesn’t go to plan.
  • When you simply don’t have enough time to go all our tasks, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to a partner or family member.

Your Workstation Is Vital to Finding Inspiration

The more you know about yourself, the easier it becomes to manage what you’re doing. Your workplace surroundings should inspire you to work better and more profitably:

  • Rearrange your workplace and aim to create an environment which influences you to work. Opt for things which inspire you, such as photographs of your children, and not items which will seduce you to procrastination.
  • When working at home it can be tempting to wear lounge or sleepwear. In order to create the mindset of a professional you must dress like one, even if you’re home alone and not expecting any house guests.
  • When you are working with your kids are at home, create a work station with crayons, books, tablets and homework. When your children feel apart of what you’re doing, they will (hopefully) remain quiet while you work.

Being Self-Aware Is Pivotal to Ambition

Open yourself to be transformed and take time out to motivate yourself. Keep yourself stimulated and you won’t become bored with repetitive and tiresome tasks:

  • See new opportunities as a new life experience rather than a burden; a chance to learn and a chance to grow.
  • Allocate yourself a daily power hour. By turning off all communications, and not allowing for anybody to disturb you, you can use the time to positively impact your workload.
  • Take time-out daily – whether that be taking an afternoon walk or sitting down to each your lunch in a different setting – to refresh your mind.
  • Always reward yourself when you have completed a high priority task.
  • Plan for the future but live in the present. Pursue hobbies and allow to reflect on time out. To gain inspiration outside of work will allow you a new vision when you return to your workplace.