How to Create an Info Product in 2 Days

Something that I have done a few times is create my own info products in 2 days or less. Now, I am not saying that my products were the best, but they were at least mine and that is more than I can say for some people. Now, if you want to create your own info products, then you need to take the time and do it right. It is because of all of those terrible products that I have seen lately that I wanted to show you my exact process for creating one and then getting it sold.

Steps To Create an Info Product in 2 Days

Step 1 – Come up with a Topic – The very first step in creating an info product is to make sure you have a topic. For instance, if I run a website about blogging, then it would be a good idea to create an info product that talks about blogging or making money online. Just know that your topic will play a factor to many things, including, what your outline looks like. My advice to you is to take a little bit and come up with something that you know others could benefit from, because that is the only way people are going to pay money for something.

Step 2 – Create a Quick Outline – Once you have a topic it is then time to create an outline. The outline doesn’t have to be long and full of details, but it needs to have enough information in it so that you know what it is you are going to write about and when inside the product. Where many people make the mistake is they don’t create an outline and when you do this you won’t have any clue as to where you are in the content. Trust me, writing a quick outline will give you guidance and help you along the way.

Step 3 – Write The Content – This is the step that should take the longest. I am not going to give you any tips here other than write quality content that you know people will enjoy. Without quality content you really won’t have a very good info product to put out there.

Step 4 – Revise the Content – Spend a few hours or two days revising your content. This is where you will change words around, add paragraphs, delete certain sentences, and just make it better.

Step 5 – Add Images – Once the content is all ready to go, then it is time for you to add images. My advice is to add an image every few pages so that the reader doesn’t get bored by reading so much.

Step 6 – Publish – Lastly, it is time to publish your info product. Most people will try to sell their info product on their own sites, but sometimes this is not enough. My advice to you is to put you info product up on Amazon and see if it sells very well. Amazon has a huge market and a lot of people go there first to see what they can find. It is because of this that you can make thousands of dollars a month from a single info product.

These are the 6 steps to creating your very own info product in just 2 days. I know many people that have created their own info products in less than 2 days and some that take longer, but every one of my friends make a good living because of this. If you want to increase your income while also getting your name out there, then creating info products is the way to go. Just know that not every info product you create will be a winner that is why you need to create more than one of these.