shutterstock_213297163Do you sometimes wish you had an extra 24 hours to complete all of your projects?

Every four years we experience an extra day in the year. For those with the entrepreneurial mindset, the day is a gift on many levels. A small percentage of the population use this day and most others to allow their minds to wander in order to create something new and exciting.

Thought determines action, and action directs your results.

Your Idea

Are you secretively holding an idea but don’t know whether to pursue? Answer these questions to help you decide:

  • Has the thought come to you more than once?
  • Does the the idea bring a smile to your face?
  • Do you feel excitement as you begin to contemplate possibilities?

On occasion you may wish to bring a partner in to brainstorm ideas. Also take the time to investigate if anything similar already exists. The idea isn’t to copy but to understand where need remains. Frequently, an important missing element is recognized allowing you to create something more robust.

Take the Challenge

Inspirational thoughts have become popular. The more related essentially say, whatever it is a person is able to conceive may become reality. Similarly, the idea of putting positive thought into the atmosphere has become known as, “The Law of Attraction”.

Challenge yourself with a personal project. Test whether believing in thinking things through to their conclusion actually brings the desired results. For example, concentrate fully on earning your most desired sale or becoming known as the go-to-expert in your field. Every single day as you awake, and before you drift off to sleep, think about what you most desire.

Focus Improves the Plan

As you give serious thought during these times, a strange thing begins to happen. New ideas for ensuring the experience becomes reality begin to take hold. Holes in the original plan may be spotted along with improved ideas to be implemented. And then supporting venues come to light to embolden the original idea.

Improve Today’s Business for Tomorrow’s Sales


As you move forward with the challenge, you begin to feel a surge of energy and excitement. This translates to improved communication with everyone you meet. The higher energy level is contagious. Enthusiasm by itself serves to attract a larger and keenly interested audience.

Thought to Action

  1. Create a spreadsheet with your main idea as the title
  2. List all of the associated ideas underneath the title with space between each
  3. List required education tracks to ensure success
  4. Prioritize the segments associated with the title
  5. Add a deadline for completing each segment
  6. Set goals and milestones with deadlines attached
  7. Budget for classes and being mentored
  8. Budget for help as needed
  9. As goals are achieved replace them with more distant goals
  10. As you approach achieving your original idea, create a new complementary venue to surge ahead.