Many organizations are suffering from inefficient business processes that are draining productivity rather than boosting it. These include financial services firms, manufacturers, insurance companies, healthcare providers, energy companies, and many more that have labor-intensive document-driven processes that are wasteful, under-performing, and running at too high a cost.

The productivity-sapping, document-intensive processes include invoice, mortgage, sales order, loan, and claims processing, as well as new customer and employee on-boarding operations. Some are bogged down by overly laborious manual processes, some by manually processing paper and fax documents, while others are hampered by inefficient routing and approval processes.

Poorly designed and executed business processes can lead to errors, delays, and lost opportunities that erode profits and create customer dissatisfaction. Businesses also miss out on benefits they could be deriving from being able to analyze cash flow, follow an audit trail, cross-reference documents, and share information.

Savvy organizations have been able to turn around wasteful and unproductive document-driven processes by automating them with enterprise content management (ECM) and document imaging technology.

For example:

  • The ECM solution implemented by one of our clients reduced the time it takes to open a new account from two weeks to one day.
  • Another ECM system enabled a customer to streamline its sales order process, reducing errors and speeding up the filling of orders which significantly accelerated cash flow.
  • Yet another system improved and sped up the mortgage approval process significantly.

ECM solutions like these can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud and can include the latest SharePoint, scan/capture, and mobile technologies. The solutions make it easier to open up new accounts, fill orders, pay invoices, approve loans, process claims, onboard new employees, monitor and track the status of transactions, back up data, and more.

In choosing an ECM system, it is critical not only to select the most appropriate set of technology components for your business process, but the solution also must be flexible and extendable so you can achieve the greatest productivity and return on investment.

Many product vendors offer only a single point solution that may not be appropriate for your needs and that will limit your solution in important areas like document capture and workflow. The strength of a system integrator that specializes in ECM solutions is the ability to give you a range of options that allows you to apply the most appropriate ECM technologies to meet your needs.

If your business is saddled with inefficient and counter-productive document processes, there is no need to accept these conditions. Moreover, there is danger in letting productivity and profits lag, while losing ground to competitors who have gained an edge through automating their document processes.

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