Finding new clients for IT businesses has become complex considering the amount of competition that’s present. The goal now is to locate high-quality IT leads and open up opportunities for growth along the way. This can only be possible by using the right strategies and by transforming the way a tech firm views its audience.

If you’re looking to bring in new clients for IT solutions, here are a few things you should put in mind.

Do a great deal of research

There’s nothing more basic than observing how your niches work. After all, an effective marketing strategy needs to have the backing of accurate data and analytics. For this reason, a lot of IT firms spend a good bulk of their resources on market intelligence. This allows them to get a good feel of the battleground and help them come up with the right approaches that are sure to win over high-quality leads. Your messaging depends on how much you know about your audience, so it’s imperative to take your time looking for potential opportunities from afar.

Go on social media

A lot of firms are doing it, so why shouldn’t you? There’s no peer pressure here. Only facts and the facts tell us that platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn provide significant results in terms of supplying high quality IT leads. For 92 percent of marketers at least, social media has been an important factor for their businesses, so it’s essential to explore the promotional aspect of these platforms, especially if you opt to generate interest into your products and services. Who says social media services such as Pinterest and Instagram are for teens? IT buyers also use them too in seeking out the types of solutions they want to purchase.

Be consistent with your content

More than anything, content functions as the sauce to all your marketing efforts. And of course, nobody wants a hamburger without the sauce on the patty. Infographics, slideshows, videos and blog articles are all important in terms of providing you the leverage to draw in interested clients. It’s only a matter of not losing your momentum by simply publishing content on a regular schedule. This way, you will be able to generate quality leads and welcome new clients to your service.

Optimize your website

Aside from your social media accounts, you also have to make sure that your website is fully bootstrapped with the best features. And by that, you should be able to optimize both for desktop and mobile devices. In addition, you should also consider a functional website design to further drive home your credibility as a sought-after institution in the IT industry. From the color schemes down to the way you design your fill forms and your calls to action, your website’s architecture influences new clients and achieves better sales numbers. Besides, new clients and sales growth lead to a larger share of the market.

Diversify your arsenal

In any case, you should also consider the potential that having a multi-channel marketing approach brings. Using more platforms, after all, allows you to seek more sales opportunities. A good balance between your inbound and outbound marketing efforts enables you to locate leads wherever they are. It might seem like a complex approach, to begin with, but you have to admit there’s no issue that technology can’t solve. You can use a marketing automation platform to help you out in managing your leads and nurturing them for a sales appointment.

This post originally appeared at THE SAVVY MARKETER.