Growing your business is the #1 goal of being a small business owner. For over 3 years, we’ve worked side by side with national franchisees and we’ve heard it all — from their struggles of hiring to how they can’t seem to find qualified employees.

Today’s challenge is finding the hidden gem of a candidate that can help you grow your company in a sea full of underwhelming applicants. So stop wasting away your workday and start taking control of your current processes!

We know that hiring is a sensitive matter and one wrong move can cost you a fortune within your company. But from our experience, we’ve seen that if you take the time to put a defined hiring system in place, you can easily find your next all-star.

When you break it down, you can see the valuable differences between hiring on your own and using a software platform to streamline the process. To help you see this value, we’ve outlined some of the top struggles that clients face without a hiring system in place, and some of the most beloved benefits that you can achieve once you switch to an automated approach:

The Top Struggles of Your Current Hiring Process:

  • Writing your own job descriptions
  • Manually collecting paper resumes (that will not tell it all when looking for great candidates)
  • Looking for local outlets to advertise your open jobs (which can get pricey)
  • Crafting emails and making phone calls to communicate with candidates that might not even be qualified
  • Setting up interviews on your own
  • Time is money and spending time away from your business can cost you in the long run

The Benefits of Hiring Automation that Our Franchise Clients Love:

  • Having job titles & descriptions created for you
  • Having your job titles & descriptions optimized for search engines so candidates can easily find them online
  • Having job specific questions in place to pre-qualify applicants and identify top candidates
  • Jobs being advertised on top internet job boards – both nationally and locally
  • Eliminate phone and email tag with preloaded communication tools to interact directly with candidates
  • Maintaining a professional look and feel in your hiring process that mirrors your company

So think smarter, not harder when it comes to your business. Remember, you are not alone with your hiring headaches. The simple tools of an awesome Applicant Tracking System can help you find the best prospective candidates in your area, grow your business, and achieve your goals!