A visionary, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist: Tej Kohli is all of these things. Born in India in 1958, Kohli has achieved greatness in a diverse career spanning more than 20 yeaars. Kohli’s portfolio includes two successful businesses. Graphix Softech and the Ozone Real Estate Group and the philanthropic Tej Kohli Foundation.

Kohli’s entrepreneurial and compassionate insights are plentiful and applicable to almost every situation, business related or otherwise. The following takeaways are just five of the ways in which we can learn from the accomplishments of Tej Kohli.

Passion is Everything

Kohli believes that “finding and developing the right people is critical for building a successful company.” It’s about finding people who have relevant experience, but are also passionate about what they do, and strive to deliver positive results. For the individual, it means knowing where their ability lies and continually desiring to hone those skills.

Relationships are Key

It is often said that “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” Kohli shares this philosophy by pointing to the need to nurture relationships as an essential component to success. By doing so, entrepreneurs surround themselves with people whom they have confidence in. People buy people, not products, so entrepreneurs should take steps to make sure they work with people whom they can trust.

Emulate Wisdom

Kohli isn’t the only successful entrepreneur to proffer his wisdom to the masses. Those seeking to emulate his and other’s successes should soak up all the advice offered. Scrutinizing how others have achieved great things can only serve to help those who are still climbing the ladder to greatness; be willing to learn and grow at every moment.

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Expanded Horizons

The Indian born Kohli has an affinity with his mother country, but that hasn’t stopped him from building his empire in Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. The best opportunities are often within touching distance, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t also be found further afield. Pointing to the third world adoption of mobile phones as an alternative to traditional banking services, Kohli states that “as the world gets smaller … to build a business with global value is becoming increasingly important.”

A Helping Hand

To say that Kohli is big on philanthropy is an understatement, and given his statement “I want every person with whom I come into contact, […] to understand the purpose and position of philanthropy and social responsibility,” it’s something that he wants to share. The work of the Tej Kohli Foundation ranges from the care of underprivileged children in Costa Rica to the launch of mobile eye clinics to treat corneal blindness in India.

The wisdom of Tej Kohli provides many takeaways for the entrepreneur striving for growth, but also for anyone wanting to better their lives and those of others. The Tej Kohli Foundation provides many opportunities to get involved, although we should remember that there are always opportunities to do good, to learn, to lend our neighbors a helping hand, to trust and respect others, and to show younger generations the right path.