Keeping your business afloat can be a tiring job, especially when it so easy for your business to be in danger from online hackers and security issues.

We asked Bistech, one of the leading UK provisions of business networks and fixed and mobile voice, data and video communications, for their advice on how to keep your business secure, and they provided us with these top 10:

  1. Create internal security policies and ensure that staff adheres to them.
  2. Protect your business from security threats such as viruses, spyware and botnets etc., by implementing a robust threat management solution.
  3. Control access and permissions to your data
  4. Make sure that the company security policy extends to mobile devices, such as iPads and iPhones, especially as ‘Bring your own Device’ (BYOD) becomes a more favoured way of working.
  5. Encrypt your data so that if a device is stolen, it can’t easily be compromised.
  6. Set a robust password policy and make sure passwords are kept safe and are not shared. Also ensure that each password is entirely unique and that you are not using the same password for every login.
  7. Consider compliance with legal requirements, from those relevant to all businesses such as the Data Protection Act, to industry specific, such as financial or professional services.
  8. Secure your wide area network by minimising threat opportunities and ensuring protection from perimeter to core.
  9. Train staff so they are aware of company security policies and encourage them to promote security within the business.
  10. Choose the right partner that is audited and accredited for security management, by a recognised national standards organisation, such as the British Standards Institution.

Safety for your business is important in the day-to-day running of it. If any threat manages to do damage to your data or in-house systems, your business could lose a lot of business and finance. The best form of protection is prevention.