Microsoft has launched the new look & features in Power BI at the end of July. It aims to bank on its ease of access and affinity to Microsoft products. The new look will enhance the existing features and provide users with a seamless experience. It helps organizational data analytics consultants to leverage this new version. The new look and features are rolled out on the basis of votes provided by Microsoft customers. The BI Tool will continue to offer robustness with added simplicity. Here’s how the new Power BI impact will organizations.

Data visualization

1. New Colors

There are new and lighter colors available on the tool now. This helps diminish the noise around reports and their respective actions. The new icons help create a balance between the canvas and the content of the report.
However, this job isn’t entirely finished, Microsoft developers are on the way to create an attractive color palette for people with less than perfect vision. It helps adjust the contrast of the theme and create a positive experience while making & viewing reports.

2. Vertical navigation

Inspired by MS Word & Excel, vertical navigation enables additional customization. You can also resize as desired and make the reports appear more prominent. Having used earlier with other tools, this one is quite the customer favorite.

3. Action bar

This upgraded action bar simplifies the commands like export, subscribe, collaborate with others and delve deeper through filters and bookmarks.

4. Filters

As soon as the features are launches on July 31st, the new filters- pop-up filter list, updated filters pane will be available.

5. Unsubtracted, only added features

The new features have ensured that all the previous features are intact. Without tampering with them, the new features have been added to the BI tool. Now, in the menu bar, you will have ‘edit’ and ‘save a copy’. These changes are accessible only for reading view. You can experience the same in the Desktop version.

Faster data preparation

This time-consuming aspect of data analytics i.e. data visualization reaches the peak of boredom with data preparation and ingestion. However, with the new features, report managers and data analysts can now assure decision-makers of seamless flow of data and consistent design thinking. It helps them prepare data for informed decisions and increase the agility of the entire process. The new features derive similarity from Microsoft Powerpoint, Word & Excel. This enhances the tool’s ease of use. Also, the Marketplace visuals contribute to easy integration into Power BI reports.

From complex to simple

While it took coders newly written Python scripts to achieve certain functionalities, now it doesn’t. The complexity of desired functions and features has reduced drastically. Users need not spend a lot of time to achieve better data connectivity, analytics and visualization. This improved team productivity helps cut costs, efforts and time spent to make smart decisions.

Enhanced ML Focus

The pre-trained ML Models of Azure Cognitive services help report managers and data analysts to detect objects and create insights out of them. Other features like phrase extraction help analyze the sentiment received in customer feedback. What customers really mean in their feedback can be identified with these ML Models. The new features make it easy to create and share ports within teams with relevant permission. This ensures data privacy.
Power BI contributes to surface the true ‘meaning’ of the data collected. It truly accomplishes its purpose to visualize data and use it as a foundation for data-driven decisions. It helps improve the accuracy of decision making, ensures easy implementation and creates greater impact.

Which new features have been added?

Data analytics- Counts
The number/amount of influencers (factors) that affect your decision about a particular can now be achieved. This helps with knowing which influencer creates minimum/maximum impact.

Data connectivity

1. Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 connector (beta)

Azure Data Lake Storage is like a storage box for data analytics. It helps with secure and scalable data storage. Within the new connectivity features, Power BI helps users pull in data from this source and visualize it for improved decisions.

2. Azure Cosmos DB Connector

This Microsoft source can now help in pull data because of the multiple votes it received. This database service enables users with scalability and elasticity.

3. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights connector

This service allows data to be pulled in from multiple sources gather in one single place and increase the engagement with the tool. It helps to derive significant insights and support decisiveness.

How have the new features aided your activities? Comment below!