Stop Listening to Family Members & Naysayers

If you’ve ever joined a multi-level marketing company and shared that fact with friends and family members you no doubt were met with an assortment of theories and opinions on the subject ranging from “that’s a scam” or “Isn’t that a pyramid? Aren’t those illegal?” to “Way to go!” (Distant Facebook Cousin I’m sure!)

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the subject and the theme always seems to be that “it can’t be done” or that YOU for some reason will be unable to do it. (Whatever IT might be)

Starting an online business seems to get many of the same criticisms from people, and it always seems to come from people who’ve never actually started an online business, successful or otherwise.

If you’re about to embark on the challenging (and it is challenging) journey of entrepreneurship, and online marketing then I have a few pieces of advice for you.

Stop Listening Reason #1

Stop listening to the experts who haven’t done it. If you’re going to listen to anything it should always be the data that comes into your business from various channels that you’ve set up for yourself. There is a vast wealth of valuable information out there and a lot of it is free for the asking. Sign up for tools like Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and actually use the resources behind the scenes of your business, things like Facebook Insights, Twitter Reach, etc.

Stop Listening Reason #2

While I have no doubt the majority of your moms, brothers, sisters, fathers, and friends are brilliant in their respective fields, and more than adequate in intelligence, would you feel comfortable going to them to do your kidney surgery, or preparing your defense in court? There are instances where general skills and advice work, but starting a business, going to court and having surgery probably isn’t going to fall into that category. If you need advice that actually holds value, consider a consulting session with someone who’s already been successful in the area you’re looking to get into.

Even better if you happen to know someone personally, or have a “friend of a friend” offer to take them out to lunch some time so you can pick their brains. Make sure you’ve got your questions lined up ahead of time so you’re not wasting either their time, or yours.

Stop Listening Reason #3

There really isn’t much in it for you, if the opinions coming in from negative sources aren’t providing any value, then they are taking up value in the shape of energy, resources, and enthusiasm… mainly yours. Alternatively even the cheerleader team yelling “go, go, go!” probably isn’t going to help as much as buckling down and delving into a business book that helps you solve a problem, or achieve some outcome your facing.

Most of us think money is the ultimate resource, but it isn’t. Time is.


Finally, each business is unique and while there are some fundamentals between them you should probably try to find those individuals already succeeding at your type of business and look at all aspects of what they’re doing. There are going to be things you like about the way they run things and things you disagree with. Just because a company is successful doesn’t mean they are doing everything right. If you’ve ever called some of these big businesses you’ve probably experienced one aspect that most could improve upon immensely.

All businesses leave clues behind as to how they are doing things. Invest the time into researching a few of them, and make a point of keeping tabs on them so you know when things change.

Building a business around something you love is a rewarding experience, and I wish you all the best with it!