Until recently, business intelligence (BI) software was the prerogative of big businesses that had many technical and data science experts on staff. However, tech has evolved quickly in recent years, and BI programs have become more available to small-scale enterprises, giving smaller businesses access to the same data mining software used by leading companies.

Self-service BI gives business users the ability to work with corporate data, even with no background in statistical analysis, BI helps businesses convert data to workable business solutions. Businesses of all sizes can now benefit from cost-effective self-service BI software.

Top BI Tactics You Can Adopt for Your SME in 2020

Today, automation is widely used among SMEs. Technologies previously used only by large companies are now used by smaller companies for accounting, ERP, CRM, tracking, and other workflow automation.

Here are some ways your startup or small business can put BI software to work:

  1. Evaluate performance indicators (KPIs). Some small companies make the mistake of gauging all collected metrics. But the more performance indicators you use, the more painful it will be to define the signal-to-noise ratio (S/N). Evaluate the situation as a whole, then use tunnel vision to define which indicators are relevant.
  2. Choose your data ecosystem. The success of your company will be based on your solutions stack. Changing technologies at an inappropriate moment may adversely affect your analytics. Consider using only technologies and a data ecosystem that will scale up your enterprise long-term.
  3. Adopt a strategy that defines data, not vice versa. Facts and statistics collected for analysis are more useful compared to those that represent prospects. Have a dynamic plan of action and use your data to define it.

3 Distinct Advantages of Using BI Software for Your Business

Business intelligence helps small businesses to develop and grow. You can identify tendencies and consistent patterns, latent possibilities, potential pitfalls, and other trends. Your data can be used to attract potential investors, increase your income, and expand your commercial reach.

BI software will help your business:

  1. Promote cooperation between groups by making data accessible to more people, to optimize the combined efforts of a group.
  2. Get important insights about your clients. Some small companies perform poorly because they do not keep pace with market demands. With accurate data analysis, you can improve the quality of decision-making about business strategies.
  3. Cut expenses and improve performance. With self-service analytics, your technical professionals can prioritize the acquisition of major software and minimize special requests.

BI is an expanding sector that has multiple substantial benefits if properly integrated. It gives you a more thorough understanding of your company’s performance over time, to help you make better decisions and avoid mistakes. Business intelligence turns raw data into effective solutions that give your business a competitive advantage in the 21st Century.

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