The Race to Get ClientsIt seems there is this new sense of urgency to obtain client data. Some companies are using outside companies to do this work for them. Others are paying dearly for client data to help them better understand their markets. Other companies are sending out surveys as another means of capturing client data.

Here is my take – Have a focus and give people a reason to give their data.

In 2013, I looked at this approach of gaining client data. People need to see a return for their data.

One Approach

Are you providing a particluar e-report on a subject and in return people give their contact information? – This is a good approach, but once the report is read, do you see any return from the reader who just provided their infomation or does someone from your company follow-up via phone or email to see if their is an opportunity. With this approach the transaction happens so fast that the consumer typically moves on and very few look for more action as a

Better Approach

Are you offering people an invitation to try your product or service by giving them some sort of ticket, (free supplies, a kit, a code, a discount). This is the approach I like, because you are giving the prospect something and typically, they will want to take the next step and do something with the “ticket” item that you have provided. In addition, it really puts the next move on the person receiving the “ticket”. Think about the last time you received a ticket to a sporting event or concert. Even if the artist or team was not your favorite, there is something special about a ticket to an event and it sticks with you because someone actually gave you something and you did not realize the full opportunitiy.

So instead of getting caught up in gathering client data, or wondering how you are going to get in the “Big Data” race, take some time to work on your client approach and earn their respect and give them solid reasons to provide this information to you. It could be your best data move yet in 2014.

photo credit: jdn via photopin cc