Online Software Documentation

We live in a digital age, a time when everyone who has an internet connection has access to a lot of useful information. Furthermore, we have tools and software that enable collaboration, even if we are several countries away from our co-workers. One of the widely used tools nowadays is online software documentation, and if you are in charge of online business, it is an absolute necessity. The purpose of this article is to elaborate why online software documentation is so important today, and how it benefits various aspects of the business.

Better data management and accessibility

One of the main reasons to use online software documentation is better data management. So far, we have stored our files in a filing cabinet, and with everything in an alphabetical order it wasn’t too difficult to fetch what we needed, but as our database grows, it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep track of all of the files. With online software documentation tools, finding a file you need is so much easier–just type the information in the search bar and that’s about it.

Another reason why it’s always better to work with a digital format is because any mistake can be easily rectified. Before, you’d notice a mistake only after a document was printed and then you’d have to create another copy of the file with corrections. Now you don’t even have to make copies–you simply make the file accessible for everyone online. The less paperwork the better; no mess, no headaches, and better management. Additionally, the files can be accessed with ease, you just need to adjust the permissions to define who is allowed and who is not allowed to access those files.

Enhanced customer support

One of the best things about online software documentation tools is that they can help your customers. If your company provides SaaS or if you offer an online platform for storing documents, you need to be able to address the concerns of your users. This is usually done by making an FAQ page, and it’s when online documentation really comes in handy. It basically allows users to identify the problem on their own and to solve it without relying on customer support.

It makes the users feel more confident in their own skills, and it makes them appreciate your software even more, since they can easily tweak out any issues on their own. Another instance in which it’s useful to have online documentation accessible for users is when your customer support team is overloaded–with an FAQ page you can eliminate those customers who are experiencing mundane problems.

Lastly, your users will feel more secure if there is data online that can help them with their problem, since whenever someone needs a solution nowadays, Googling is by far one of the best options. Furthermore, all of the other major companies use online documentation for this purpose, so there’s no reason not to do it.

Increased security

Moving on to security–you might get skeptical about this one at first, since we tend to feel more secure when we have a solid copy of something in our hands, but this is a thing of the past now. Both your hard drive and your bookshelf are less secure for keeping documents than an online documentation base. Sure, you can have all three if you want to be completely safe, but with online documentation, backups are almost always available. Providers thrive on the security feature and it’s one of the major selling points these days, which is why it’s been perfected to a high-level. In fact, if you have sensitive data, it’s better not to keep it on your hard drive.

If your online documentation tool is cloud-based then you can be rest assured that the security is near top-level. Again, you have much more control over who is allowed to manipulate the document and who isn’t. Online documentation tools tend to follow your progress and they save it frequently, so in the event of a power outage, your work won’t be lost and you are very likely to pick up where you left off. With all of these security features, it would be foolish not to switch to this system, since its benefits are all too clear.

Which software to use

An online documentation tool is sort of like a public library, only you get to choose which people are allowed as its members. There are tons of different tools that offer these features, but if you need a free to use solution that will easily meet your demands you can go with Google Drive. You have a lot of available storage space, and if you run out you can always purchase additional storage space. Furthermore, Google Drive is really easy to navigate, with its drag and drop features. Plus, the Google name is trusted overall, meaning that security is not an issue.

A lot of corporations love to use for their online collaboration, since it is a more business-oriented solution. You can all group together, show PowerPoint presentations, give webinars, and have business meetings. A real online office, if you will, which makes it an ideal solution for your line of work. Of course, in case you need more specific features because of the type of work you are in, you should look up different help authoring tools. There are so many of them nowadays, each tailored to bolster a specific profession.

As you can see, there are many benefits to online software documentation, which is absolutely necessary nowadays. If your company is not currently using any help authoring tool, then you should seriously consider it. It offers more security, better management, and it will improve productivity and flexibility at your workplace.

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