This week’s analysis focuses on the impact of Business Intelligence in the Aerospace Industry both in efficiency and effectiveness.

Creating and unlocking value in an organization starts with knowing precisely where things stand, and where the opportunities for improvement lie. To help, SAP’s Performance Benchmarking group publishes a short analysis each Monday, highlighting hot industry topics and high-impact strategies.

KEY QUESTION: How extensively are you leveraging BI tools and what is the business impact?

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KEY TAKEAWAY: Aerospace companies live in a data-rich world, thanks to complex supply chains, engineering, sales processes and more. Breakthrough in-memory solutions, along with advanced analytics and visualization, now turn this data into actionable displays with unprecedented levels of granularity.

Nonetheless, according to SAP Performance Benchmarking across industries, the availability of actionable analytical information from Business Intelligence tools in Aerospace trails well behind other industries – half the overall average, in fact. At the same time, however, the leaders in Aerospace appear to be exploiting the situation to create a competitive advantage – within the industry, the leading companies in terms of BI adoption are twice as far along as the average Aerospace company.

The impact? In one example, analysis of the benchmarking data shows that access to analytical dashboards for project management correlates with 22% higher new product revenue and 66% lower PLM costs compared with the industry average.