google analytics mobileIt’s a mobile world and everyone else just lives in it.

The number of smartphone users continues to increase as mobile capabilities and resources evolve. User intent is altering how mobile devices are utilized, with a large majority focused on browsing the web. In fact, 40% of all time on the Internet is now on a mobile device.

Consumer targeting is subsequently adapting in accordance with the mobile effect. Businesses can reach consumers at anytime, anywhere. This necessitates a strategic mobile marketing plan, and understanding various mobile user demographics is a part of that. For instance, Apple is the top smartphone manufacturer – meaning the iPhone influence is expanding.

The largest age group embracing smartphones is 18 – 29. Those consumers are not only texting and checking social networks on a mobile device, but spending a significant amount of their time online. It’s important for businesses to be able to reach them – and make an impressive mobile impact – in order to keep up with the changing digital landscape.

Measuring and analyzing site and social traffic is one way to gain insight into how consumers are finding you. Analytics resources work to recognize strengths and weaknesses, in order to improve and increase conversions. The Google Analytics tool is beneficial for all businesses, and it can be as simple or in-depth as needed. Google recently unveiled new mobile filters that will prove useful for all businesses transitioning into the mobile world.

New Google Analytics Mobile Filters:

– Is a mobile device
– Is a tablet
– Mobile brand name
– Mobile model name
– Mobile marketing name
– Mobile pointing method
– Mobile has QWERTY keyboard?
– Mobile is NFC supported?
– Mobile has cellular radio?
– Mobile has wifi?

The filters above will aggregate data to better enhance your mobile marketing efforts. If correctly analyzed and optimized, they can impact traffic and sales. We recommend signing up for Google Analytics here, if you haven’t already.

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