As a society, we have been fascinated with artificial intelligence for a very long time. We’ve fallen in love with robots like Sonny (from iRobot), WALL-E, Baymax (from Big Hero 6), and many others. What is it that has made us love these robots so much? Their ability to independently learn, feel, and do good.

There are plenty of robots from films and TV series that would much rather take over the world than save it, but they, too, have the ability to independently learn and develop goals of their own – whatever their driving reasons may be.

Although we are getting closer but still don’t have human-like robots that can learn on their own, we do have devices and machines that can – but they’re not planning world domination – they’re making life easier and more convenient.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a computer system’s ability to learn and perform progressively, without being specifically programmed to do so. Machines and devices with the capability to learn can learn your preferences, customize your experience, and enhance your overall experience in general.

Take Alexa, for example. Now that you have her, can you imagine life without her?

Rather than writing out a grocery list, you can holler at Alexa from across the room and tell her to add the items you need as you think of them. You don’t even have to go to the store to shop for everything on your list, Alexa can order them for you and even put you on a recurring order so that you don’t have to worry about running out again.

Forget your calendar book – Alexa can keep all your important meetings and appointments and will remind you well beforehand, so you don’t forget and run late.

How Does it Enhance Your Connected Device Experience?

When your connected devices have the ability to learn, everyday tasks can become a lot simpler and more convenient. As mentioned, Alexa is a great example since she can keep you on-schedule, help with your grocery list, and even order products for you.

Smart TVs are another great device that can learn your habits and provide you with suggestions. When you turn on the TV, your most-used apps will pop up, giving you easy access to the programs you love. Some TVs can even tell who is in the room and provide customized ad experiences and suggestions based on that individual and their viewing habits.

They have even created children’s toys that have the capability to learn and remember information and interact with children. Mattel has brought their classic toy, Barbie, to life with their new Hello Barbie doll. Hello Barbie can have a conversation and remember details about that conversation and others you’ve had and can bring up those details like your favorite color.

Some parents are, naturally, concerned about safety and privacy. Others, though, think that the Barbie doll could be a fun toy that they can use to store memories from their children’s lives that they can then give to them after they’ve left home. And then, of course, there’s the life-long concern about Barbie as a role model for young girls as well, but Mattel has addressed that and emphasized that Hello Barbie lets young girls know that it’s okay to be who they are – they don’t have to be perfect.

Other devices, like Angee, will even learn and adapt to your lifestyle to give you maximum security but maintain your privacy. Angee watches and learns so that she can meet your security needs throughout the day. When you’re home, she’s able to recognize that you’re in the room and will turn the camera lens away to give you your privacy but still watch over your house and family.

Angee also has the ability to differentiate sounds and detect real dangers so that she is more effective and efficient in her security, and minimizes the number of false alarms that are sounded. She helps you feel comfortable in your own home and have peace of mind knowing that you’re being watched over and protected.

Each of these devices is great on its own and can be extremely helpful, but when you connect them, they can get even better.

Devices that are able to learn, when connected, can help you run homes and businesses in a better manner. This is clearly he future.