Business intelligence (BI) is expected to grow and evolve in 2017, demanding more accurate and precise data sets that are relevant and accessible to a diverse set of contact center operations. In a generation with an excessive amount of data, contact centers need to invest in the best technology and services to process their information and increase profitability. In the call center industry, transparency is everything. Managers need to know where their money is being spent, and how their investments are performing. Below are four influential factors to consider in 2017 when integrating BI into your contact center operation.

Adaptable Platform

To meet the evolving needs of contact centers in an ever-changing market, you must consider platforms and features that are easily adaptable to your organization’s custom rules and logic. The contact center platform needs to work throughout your operation to measure the results that matter most to your company’s bottom line (productivity, time management, expenditures, etc.). When integrating BI technology into your operation, look for software with adjustable features that can grow with the call center environment.

Compliance Monitoring

With comprehensive federal regulations and high fines associated with a failure to meet compliance standards, it is imperative for call centers to invest in contact center platforms with up-to-date compliance features. Incorporating BI that routinely monitors and updates a center’s compliance standards will streamline the regulatory oversight processes, allotting more time for agents to work efficiently while on the clock. BI services can help call center agents follow best practices and mandated guidelines, while also safeguarding them from claims, complaints, legal fees and fines.

Proactive Next Steps

Implementing BI technologies will provide call centers with the ability to analyze daily operations and identify weaknesses in a company’s infrastructure. BI can provide call centers with insightful feedback and solutions to alleviate call center bottlenecks, resulting in increased profitability. With BI, call centers can now record progress and monitor short-term goals in addition to interpreting data sets to help executives make more informed, quantifiable business decisions.

Identifying Trends

Enhanced BI software can accurately forecast seasonal call center patterns and trends through learned instinctual knowledge. Although business intelligence cannot predict the future, it can identify upcoming hiccups or lags in the call center operation, allowing managers to better allocate time and resources effectively.

Business intelligence will increase a call center’s efficiency and productivity; satisfy more employees; streamline operations; and overall, lead a company to achieving its long-term goals and objectives in 2017. Taking the step to integrate BI into your infrastructure will deliver real-time insights into agent productivity, resulting in elevated customer service and heightened business performance.