Video transcript

Once you have your Google Analytics account active and added to a website, you might find a reason to put additional users on that account so they can see the data. this could be one of your virtual assistants or a business partner, or maybe you’re trying to sell the site and you want to provide access to the analytics of the site instead of just screen shots of the data, which some folks know can be faked.

This video will walk you through the simple steps of adding either another admin to the Google Analytics account or a user with limited permissions. So naturally, first thing we want to do is log into your GA account and you do that by heading over to If you’re not already signed into a Google account, like Gmail or adwords or whatever, whenever you click on sign in, it will prompt you to enter username and you password.

I’m already signed in with my Gmail account and you want to click on the profile that you want to add the user to. I’m going to go ahead and do that. Come on up here to admin, click on that particular profile, come on up here and click on users, click on new users. I see right now, I currently have 1 administrator and one user. Naturally, the administrator is going to be all powerful. So you want to be careful if you’re going to add another administrator to the account because they could very easily lock you out or delete you altogether. So keep that in mind.

So I’m going to go ahead and add user. Pretty straight forward stuff selection method. Create a new user for this account and grant access to this profile or select existing account users to grant access.

I’m just going to create a new user for this account and you want to put in their e-mail address and that particular e-mail address needs to be registered with Google accounts in some form or fashion. I just so happen to have a Gmail account I’m going to use and for the roles, I’m only grant user and click on notify this user by e-mail if you want to send them an e-mail letting them know that they now have access to this account and what role that access grants them.

Click on add user and it’s really just that simple. Come on over here. If you want to adjust their settings from user to administrator or if want to remove them altogether.

And that’s how easy it is to add additional users and adjust their roles into your GA account. That’s going to bring us to the end of this vide. Thank you much for watching and you have a great day.