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Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been a huge topic of conversation over the past few years. While research suggests AI could do a variety of tasks currently undertaken by humans, no one knows where this will lead. Many entrepreneurs are relying heavily on AI to automate their processes, thus cutting jobs and, in turn, expenses. But, is that really the case?

Yes, AI has grown leaps and bounds, with many companies using the technology to automate some of their processes, but can it really take over from humans altogether? Let’s check out some of the most common misconceptions entrepreneurs have about AI.

You Need Coding Knowledge to Implement AI Into a Chatbot

AI-powered chatbots are all the rage, with many entrepreneurs implementing them into their marketing, sales, and customer care activities. While this is the case, it doesn’t mean that you have to be a guru when it comes to coding. AI can be implemented into a chatbot using most chatbot-building platforms.

AI is the Solution to All Tech Brands

While AI has had an overall positive impact on tech brands, it’s not the solution to all problems. Entrepreneurs are turning to AI as a problem-solving tool when it is, in fact, more of an added characteristic that complements other, already well-established and functional tools. While entrepreneurs may turn to AI for answers to their executive questions, it’s actually just a more advanced way of gathering and turning data into insight.

AI is Expensive

Implementing AI into your company’s operations doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Big brands, such as H&M, Disney, and the New York Times have all been delving into the chatbot world, and while their budgets are larger, they have simply been using social media platforms, such as Facebook, Kik, and Slack to do so.

AI Will Not Replace Humans

While it may be scary, the reality is, there have already been such significant advancements that AI is able to undertake certain tasks as well as, if not better, than humans. AI has already taken over some basic customer care tasks and this isn’t expected to stop there. While the timeframe in which this will happen and how effective this will be is not yet established, those in IT fields could have their job tasks cut with time.

AI is Not Creative

Just because AI is powered by technology doesn’t mean that it cannot be creative. While it will most likely never paint a picture on a canvas, it does have a form of photographic memory. From that, it’s able to recreate and alter various types of art, for example, a logo or piece of music. While some would argue that this is essentially copying, or plagiarism, it isn’t much different to the way in which humans produce works of art: with inspiration.

AI Doesn’t Make Mistakes

Artificial intelligence still isn’t perfect, nor is it close to being so. Take the chatbot, for example. One of the key best practices when it comes to businesses using chatbots is to always have a human resource as a backup.

Firstly, because of the various languages, dialects, typos, and text message lingo, chatbots can get confused. Secondly, you only need to look at some of Microsoft’s chatbots to know that they can have a mind of their own and become quite insulting, thus having an extremely negative effect on your brand’s reputation.

AI Depicted in Science Fiction Movies is the Future

Just because AI is advancing doesn’t mean it’s going to take over the world. Science fiction films are here to entertain us, and it’s important to remember that they are exaggerated and most importantly, fiction. AI-powered robots are not likely to spring up across the world equipped with guns and heavy machinery, so don’t worry.


While the thought of AI taking our jobs is scary, we do not yet know how far the technology can go. Not only this, while AI may take over certain tasks, this could have a positive impact on people’s well-being, making jobs fewer and easier, thus reducing stress levels, anxiety, and even depression.