Put the Business In Business intelligenceOver the last couple of years we have seen an increase in the amount of data and information we have to manage and analyse. From IT to sales and marketing to management everyone has had to think of new ways getting the right information out for enhanced insight and decision making.

As you might imagine this may seem like a tiresome and time consuming task. When you think of the time it takes to analyse only small pieces of data you can imagine it would take weeks or months to complete large datasets – especially if you are a larger business and by the time you complete it all the results would be invalid.

However, what can you do when the amount of data you possess is growing bigger and bigger by the day and your losing insight by the hour. Cue the Business Intelligence solution. An interactive tool used for aiding decision making business intelligence tools have become the new saviour in businesses drowning in data.

Business intelligence tools can help to simplify the complex processes within a business, allowing users to track and monitor vital information including transactions, buyer trends, KPIs and marketing campaigns. For someone in marketing, such as myself, a business intelligence tool can help to prove marketing ROI, brand impact and get a better understanding of customers.

Customer buying patterns, campaign results and leads can be tracked and analysed quickly and easily in real time giving marketers a better understanding of future buying trends. Decisions can be based on relevant and insightful information and changed depending on future trends. Business intelligence helps empower marketers to solve their own problems and effectively evaluate and improve campaign effectiveness.

Campaigns can be modified and adjusted, based on real time information and analysis, in order to optimise results and outmanoeuvre the competition. Highly targeted market segmentation mixes can be created easily based on previous buyer behaviour as well as campaign results. Reports can then be easily created in order to share valuable insights with Sales.

All Marketers must understand their customers and the more data you have on your customers the easier this is to achieve. Having the ability to collaborate and share information throughout the team and/or company has huge benefits in terms of proving the ROI of the marketing department and their activities.

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