AI has expanded its grip on our lives throughout the past few years. Even as a global pandemic, COVID-19 has forced us to work from our homes, but still, AI-driven innovations continued to pour out from the smartest minds everywhere.

AI and ML are continuing to make waves in the HR tech industry. Both the technologies are working together to eliminate bias and making work easier to manage through the automation of simple tasks and more.

Here in this blog, I am sharing a few predictions for the specific AI techniques, tooling, apps, and platforms that will come to the forefront in the year to come.

AI predictions 2021

1. Expanding the Remote Workforce:

Pandemic has brought changes in all the workforce, and remote workforce is on the top list. If we talk about HR Tech, it means apps and platforms in 2021 that need to be in continuous innovation to support the sudden shift. In 2021, accurate new algorithms will focus on critical issues like performance assessments, productivity data, and other metrics. Till date, these metrics have been nearly impossible to measure in a remote work landscape. Smartly taking advantage of AI tech tools, employers can access global talent without geographical limitations and, at the same time, help remote workers by offering virtual offices and advanced multimedia communication tools.

2. AI & ML will Play an Important Role in Driving Successful Talent Acquisition & Management:

Advanced technology like ML & AI will help HR professionals to predict how well a candidate might perform in a certain role. HR professionals can use AI and ML more widely for strategic internal talent management decisions. These technologies can also be used to uncover employees’ capabilities that are already within their organization by upskilling their skills to meet business goals. With today’s growing remote workforce, AI and ML technologies will help organizations determine how to measure productivity and talent engagement outside of an in-person, office environment.

3. Increase Learning and Development of Organizations:

In 2021, the most important aspect of growing in the market is learning and developing skills. When it comes to attracting and retaining the top talent, career development opportunities are also on the top list. In this post-COVID-19 environment, HR professionals need to ensure that L&D will play a continuing critical role within the organization’s culture. With the help of AI, L&D will deliver an excellent strategy in providing value to employees beyond salaries by upskilling them. Employees need the chance to learn, grow, and expand their career opportunities.

4. Improve Decision Making:

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and faster day by day. But the need for human oversight isn’t going away anytime soon. Improvements in AI will transform the human experience like never before, from billing automation to legal documentation. AI has proved itself to be beneficial in the recruitment industry as well. Resume parser is one such tool that has set a new milestone in the hiring process. It helps recruiters to parse candidates’ resumes in a scalable manner that reduces their manual screening process. Now with advanced technology, HR professionals can easily look for relevant candidates with just a click.

5. Improves Candidate Experience:

Technology advancements are popping up every minute. In this competitively post COVID-19 environment, HR professionals can have a cost-effective business by adopting new emerging technologies. The need to collect, sort, and analyze humongous applicants’ information can be fulfilled only through automation. One of the best creations of AI to improve candidate experience is chatbots. It has taken away most of the recruiters’ burden by screening candidates, asking them relevant questions, and quickly answering their queries. Chatbots have sped up the recruitment process and delivered a positive candidate experience through prompt replies.

We have already witnessed that these technologies have dramatically scaled in 2020, and we expect that it will accelerate further in 2021. With digital transformations, recruiters would surely want to explore the benefits of automation for better efficiency and productivity.