Companies seeking to optimize leveraged resources found in knowledge sharing now look to Web-based knowledge management software solutions to increase the proficiency of business processes. With so many products to choose from, it is important to review application features.

For seamless integration of enterprise systems knowledge sharing capabilities, companies look to open source platforms that administer core data storage, management and sharing process, as well as protect the integrity of those files with security features compatible with their internal networks. Open source software developers have contributed to the innovation of a wide range of software application as system (SaaS) database products designed to improve knowledge sharing capacity in the categories of: Content Management, Customer Relation Management, Data Management, and End-to-End Analytics.

1. Content Management
Content created for business intelligence is often subject to several reviews. Teams using knowledge sharing software have access to dynamic content, catalogued and distributed according to user demand. Boost the level content proficiency and asset management with content management software. This allows users to author, tag, keyword, and share in a few easy steps. Enterprise system installation, updates, and training are all part of the vendor service agreement.

2. Customer Relation Management
The advance of customer relation management (CRM) in business processes with software applications optimize complex customer related interactions with automatic file distribution to users across a network, as well as diagnostics and troubleshooting solutions. The most efficient and effective knowledge management application designed especially for contact center representatives and customer service managers, the software imports data from external systems to its web-based, SaaS database for analytic reporting of performance and root cause investigation of customer problems.

3. Data Management
Data management enterprise applications interface client documents, images, media, content, collaboration activity, custom database infrastructure, data, and workflow processes all in one easy-to-use space. The platform designed for corporate intelligence gathering and management also stores and administers external data from primary sources via API and RSS feeds. Other features to this comprehensive, Web-based service include: Boolean, Context, and Full Text Search Engine, Cataloging, Collaboration Management, CRM Integration, Data Management, Document Management, Tagging, Email, and Workflow Management.

4. End-to-End Analytics
An open source cloud computing visualization toolkit for business planning and reporting optimizes shared knowledge management processes with sophisticated analytics applications. Innovated for value chain sharing of analytic functions, this system is the end-to-end solution preferred by executives, operations, production, and IT administrators working in collaboration on projects. This delivers best in class reporting publications to external stakeholders with multi-dimensional data analysis. User applications are hosted on a customizable dashboard with a relational display and filtered view controls. The visual discovery interface is perfect for content and document management. Simulation models allow users to test scenarios, analyze data, and report in graphical illustration. No additional developer programming required.