Technology in the handsBusiness Productivity Software, or BPS, is a game changing new approach for integrating systems, people, and business processes. Its primary directive is to allow people to work better – both individually and collaboratively. It supports and integrates both data and processes for nearly every aspect of business – sales, marketing, human resources, customer service, executive management, project management and more.

BPS is business at its finest – and most efficient. BPS is designed for all businesses, regardless of size. So, small businesses can operate like big enterprises in terms of organizational productivity and efficiency. In short, BPS is the next wave in business software development designed to truly elevate the process of doing business.

What are 11 reasons 2015 will be the year of BPS for your business?

Your Business Can Collaborate Better. A BPS system allows you to collaborate with your clients better, which moves projects along faster and even helps with billing. Using a BPS system that includes a customer portal can significantly decrease the amount of time and effort your employees spend handling customer service inquiries and issues. An online customer portal can provide 24/7 customer support and allow customers to, at any time of the day, submit requests, make payments, request additional projects and more.

Your Business Can Make Smarter, More Informed Decisions. BPS can house information about customers, vendors, subcontractors, employees, job applicants and more. Multiple integrations can also connect sales, financial and payroll information – allowing you to have pertinent business information at your fingertips to make more informed business decisions. Imagine, your business can have access to a haven of analytics, providing a big picture view of all aspects of business operations, project management, human resources and client management loaded into one central place.

Your Business Can Truly Be Mobile. With a cloud-based BPS solution in place, a business can operate all critical functions 24/7. That means a CEO can be at home on a Wednesday night and still quickly login to view employee status, new projects and accounts receivable updates. The CEO can even access all functionality from a tablet or smart phone, so running a business efficiently 24/7 is a reality. Any member of a team, with access to the BPS system, can get business done, from anywhere – anytime – on any mobile device. That’s right, your sales team can be completely connected to all of the data necessary to keep them productive while they are on the road.

Your Employees Can Be Multi-Screen Champions. Your employees are already working from tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops – always on the go. Leveraging multiple devices enables professionals to be productive at any time of the day. If your employees are multi-screen producers, business productivity benefits. Encouraging your team to make the most of multi-screen productivity signals an advancement in workforce attitude and performance – lending to your team embracing all that today’s diverse screens offer for efficient operations.

Your Business Does Not Need 9 Divergent Software Products – Companies today operate with a host of diverse and disparate software solutions – products that are divergent and often times completely incompatible. This creates a discordant environment for businesses. Colleagues in different departments may work on completely different systems and not be able to collaborate or share information easily. Executives may not have access to critical analytics allowing them to make informed decisions, because pieces of data are scattered across conflicting, even antagonistic, systems. As businesses move into the opportunities afforded by BPS systems, the need for numerous, even redundant, software products will evaporate.

Your Business Can Optimize The Data It Needs – Faster. Juggling multiple systems to run daily business operations is a disorganized process. Your team is entering the same data in multiple places and spending unnecessary time researching everything from customer service issues to billing issues – even responding to routine client questions. Finding the data your employees need – quickly – is the way to boost daily operations and long-term business planning. BPS enables organizations to access companywide data instantaneously, creating a more effective data stream for informed, yet rapid, operations.

Your Business Can Be Scalable. With BPS in place, a business can add users and features as a business grows. BPS delivers a flexibility that is customizable to run the way a business runs – and change with employee additions, task implementations and other operational revisions or improvements. Being more scalable allows a business to keep organized and react to internal changes rapidly, enabling for projects to get approved faster, team members to stay on top of projects with customizable project templates and managers to consistently have full access to any team or client changes or requests.

Your Business Can Deliver Better Service Management. Managing service calls better is always a drive for leading businesses. BPS solutions enable companies to manage service calls more efficiently with easy drag-and-drop functionality and resource availability tracking. Companies can stay on top of maintenance, including preventative scheduling and more, by leveraging advanced tracking and reporting functionality.

Your Business Can Increase CRM Performance. BPS increases the value of each customer by using marketing tools, including email blasts and automated email campaigns, to keep clients informed of updates to existing products and services, as well as new service portfolio launches. With a BPS system in place, businesses can increase profits by easily tracking sales and marketing data and gaining valuable client insights through robust business intelligence tools.

Your Team Can Managed Projects Better. Get projects approved faster with online contract approvals. Stay on top of projects with customizable project templates, deadline tracking and document management. Manage resources with responsibility assignments and shared calendars. With BPS on board, businesses can achieve higher levels of project management performance – allowing a business to manage all company information in one place through integrations with software products including QuckBooks, Microsoft Outlook, Google Places and more. BPS creates an environment for comprehensive project management, connecting all elements of a business for easy review of project status and client satisfaction.

Your Business Can Get Paid Faster – Really! Imaging getting paid faster? With a BPS platform, companies can easily manage flexible billing schedules, allowing customized billing according to individual client requirements. A business can actually reduce time to bill with automated billing, allowing companies to get paid faster thanks to online payment portals and integrated collections workflows.

Optimizing a BPS system that includes a customer portal can significantly decrease the amount of time and businesses currently spend handling customer service inquiries and issues. With a BPS system, everything from the recruiting tasks to human resource processes are streamlined, with information readily available for use by any time member, at any time, on any device. BPS presents a new dawn in business process consolidation and integration – creating an all-encompassing technological platform on which a business can finally thrive.

As 2015 comes into view, research business productivity software trends, solutions and platforms to explore the right solution for your business.