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It’s a very rare entrepreneur or small-business owner who couldn’t benefit from a little expert advice. How fortunate that there are so many sources of important information for owners, including books, courses, podcasts, forums, blogs, magazines, and newsletters. The best ones are quite valuable, because they explain topics from an expert’s point of view and that have immediate practical applicability. Here’s 10 of our favorite newsletters you can get delivered right to your inbox!

Startup Digest:

This newsletter includes multiple reading lists, so you can subscribe to specific areas and choose the frequency of emails you receive. Just about every startup-related topic is covered, from specific operational tasks to global strategies. The Digest can help you connect with other entrepreneurs and owners in your community.

Seller Labs:

This newsletter is devoted to owners who operate on Amazon as sellers, fulfillers, associates or in some other way. It will help you from running afoul of Amazon policy changes. Failure to follow Amazon’s rules can get you kicked off the platform and ruin your business, so if you do business on Amazon, getting this weekly newsletter is a smart idea.

SaaS Weekly:

This newsletter addresses issues dealing with businesses who offer software as a service. Each week it provides incisive articles and the latest news on all aspects of the SaaS industry. Whether your interested in increasing sales, introducing new services or just growing the company SaaS Weekly is a great read.

Tomasz Tunguz:

The writer runs a venture capital firm and contributes daily posts that are also packaged into emails. This is a good general source on all business topics. Just about every startup business owner will find valuable information here.

The Swipe File:

This newsletter addresses online marketing issues. If your goal is to increase website traffic and improve search results, Swipe File has actionable advice for you. In addition to discussions on topics like SEO, the newsletter offers tips on a wide range of subjects that entrepreneurs will find useful.

Mattermark Daily:

Interested in getting funding for your startup? Mattermark Daily curates posts from investors and business operators that shine a spotlight on the thought process that goes into investing and attracting investors. You’ll find out how your peers are growing their businesses and addressing challenges.


Part newsletter, part podcast, Charged offers tech news that entrepreneurs can use. Especially important for those who want to anticipate technological innovations and how these will shape the marketplace. You read this newsletter to avoid being left behind by the latest innovations.


A daily newsletter that provides detailed explanations of the latest technology news. Look for sharp opinions that are based on solid data and industry expertise. A subscription costs $10/month, but it’s worth every penny.

First Round Review:

Published by a VC firm, this newsletter publishes articles from startup founders and directors that describe how they were able to secure funding. The advice is often very concrete and can help spur readers to kick fundraising into a higher gear.

Morning Cybersecurity:

If your business depends in any way on internet access, then cyberscecurity has got to be an important consideration. This daily newsletter looks at the intersection of politics and cybersecurity, a place that can have important implications for your business. If your business must keep sensitive data secure, you’ll want to read this newsletter.