The biggest advantage that the Internet has brought to the world of work is the ability to combine several jobs in an efficient way. Working both day and night shifts is nothing new. What is innovative today in juggling several jobs is the opportunity to squeeze all of them into an average eight-hour day. It is a perfect option for young entrepreneurs who still do not a family to use their 20s and 30s to make more money and master their work skills.


Omnipresent freelancers

Freelancers can easily balance between several jobs because they are usually not under any specific obligation, except for confidentiality. It gives them a perfect chance to organize their work day so that they have enough time for all their business tasks. What every freelancer needs to aim at is establishing steady business collaboration with several clients. This will give you a sense of job security. Moreover, it will serve as the time anchor that will allow you to organize the remaining time around these set goals. And all the time you do not spend working on those long-term projects is considered your free time. Now you can decide how much of this me-time you can invest in additional projects.

In addition, it is important for freelancers to be cautious when it comes to their financial reports and freelance business regulations. They need to do everything by the book, to ensure that they do not get banned from work.

Advising at affordable rates

Every successful person has their own set of rules, tips and advice. No matter if you are a successful freelancer, a small business owner, or a CEO of a large company, you have managed to achieve your goals because you have invested your own X-factor in your work. Now that your business is doing well, you could make some additional money by advising other businesspeople. The experience that successful entrepreneurs have gained through their failures and successes can help young business owners fulfill their ambitions in a less stressful way. Here you can charge your services at full price or just set some affordable rates. The latter will make your advising job a hobby through which you will contribute to the business community. Besides, you can never tell if some of your advisees will join your company and add their special value to it.


Open conversation with your employer/partner

Being an entrepreneur means running a business on your own. Also, entrepreneurs can launch and manage their business with their business partners, too. The thing is that if you are part of a business partnership or your small business joins a larger organization, you need to talk to other people before you land a side gig. An open conversation is the most efficient way to reduce any doubts they might have about your intentions. You need to make your partner(s) or company CEOs feel that you can also include them in your spin-off effort. Moreover, working with other people might help you learn new skills, which could in return have a beneficial effect on your first job.

Keep full-time job always first

A study published by Boston College shows that modern companies need to adapt to the fast-growing changes happening in the contemporary business environment. Working additional hours should not be a problem for an open-minded, modern manager as long as your full-time job does not suffer. This is why you should under no circumstances give your side job an advantage over the first job. You would lose your manager’s or partner’s trust. Such an outcome would affect your future work, as well. Business recruiters and HR experts always want to know about your previous jobs. Messing up in one company usually means becoming illegible for many others, too. If an additional job becomes a more attractive option, an honest person will quit their full-time job and start a new business enterprise.


Having a second job can bring some excitement to your business life. It can also improve your efficiency in your full-time job. However, you should never get carried away by the income you make that way. Ensure that the side job always remain only that, an extra gig, and make some time for yourself, too. Only that will make you a satisfied and successful entrepreneur.