The modern-day work environment requires flexible, efficient, and reliable technology that allows employees to get the job done, especially in the demanding distribution and retail industries. With access to mobile apps that connect employees to a real-time look into inventory and orders, distributors and retailers are able to better fulfill their customers’ every need.

For salespeople who conduct most business in the field, mobile devices equipped with business management software give them the ability to place orders on the go and provide customers with an accurate estimate into how long an order may take to be delivered. And for businesses whose success relies on customer satisfaction, providing this type of customer service is essential for success.

Implementing an ERP system makes all of this data easily accessible throughout an entire organization. With a variety of mobile apps that can connect employees to real-time business data, operations, and analytics, organizations can better forecast inventory need and deliver on increasing customer demand.

The following case studies exemplify how three companies benefited from implementing mobile ERP solutions into their everyday work processes.

Ethical Products Accelerates Order Processing, Meeting Growing Customer Demand

Ethical Products is a pet product distributor with over 1,500 units, servicing a wide network of retailers and small business owners. Managing a large facility with very many products required a flexible solution that would connect employees to business data throughout the entire supply chain. By equipping employees with mobile devices outfitted with ERP applications, Ethical Products was able to optimize picking processes and deliver on customer demand. Find out how the addition of a user-friendly mobile ERP system allowed Ethical Products to turn orders around in 24 hours or less at a 99.6 percent fill rate with very little back orders.

Colonial Distributing Enhances On-The-Go Route Sales and Expands Company Footprint

Colonial Distributing, a global grocery, candy, beverage and tobacco distributor, required a system that could connect its multi-location network and improve overall efficiencies throughout the company. With a high percentage of Colonial’s orders being placed through salespeople on the road, mobile ERP was an essential business move to ensure precise inventory and order processing. Servicing a wide array of small businesses, convenience stores, restaurants and gas stations, it was no easy task for Colonial to keep track of an always-changing inventory before the business decided to implement the technology. Discover how Colonial was able to expand and move into a larger facility after introducing a comprehensive ERP system.

Hardware and Lumber Manages Multi-Channel Retail Business, Connecting Employees to Essential Business Data Across the Network

As Jamaica’s top home improvement destination, Hardware and Lumber relies on technology to maintain an accurate view into inventory across its wholesale and retail businesses. After making the decision to migrate to the cloud, Hardware and Lumber also launched a mobile solution that gave employees a view into real-time inventory and better connected its network of 15 stores and wholesale locations across the island. Learn how the company has been able to place more orders, increase efficiency and better service customers.

Mobile ERP is a proven asset for companies looking to expand, optimize processes, or increase overall revenue, all the while providing invaluable business insights no matter what industry a business operates in.