You’re a sales manager and it’s Q4 of a tight year, tell me, which would you prefer? Your sales force achieving 76% of their quota, or only 53%?

I’m going to safely guess you’d go with the 76%. Everyone knows time is money, and those who are the most informed, typically perform the best.

So how do you keep your sales teams informed and on the go selling at the same time? According to a recent iGuide from SAP Mobility, the best way to prepare your 21st Century Sales Warriors is to equip them with at least 2.44 mobile devices all with access to your CRM.

So what is mobile CRM?

This is what’s called mobile CRM (innovative name right?). It’s just like your regular CRM, but designed to be accessible through mobile platforms. According to Techopedia, Mobile CRM is “typically designed for users such as sales and marketing personnel who…require remote access.”

There are a number of recognized benefits from mobile CRM, here are just a few:

  • A shorter sales cycle
  • An improved sales experience, not only for the account executive, but also for your stakeholders
  • Maximized productivity since everything your team will need will be on their mobile CRM

The below infographic comes from a recent iGuide released by SAP Mobility and the Aberdeen Group. It shows how powerful your sales force could be if they had any time, anywhere access to their mobile CRM.

mobile CRM

The iGuide features an excellent line-up of world-class sales thought leaders who each share unique insights into the fundamental challenges facing today’s sales warriors. See how successful sellers are embracing the power of mobility to help make them more effective in their sales conversations.

The iGuide is full of great content, including videos, infographics, interviews and a whitepaper that all explore the topic of mobility and the role it plays in creating a 21st-century agile sales organization. Keep up-to-date by subscribing and getting the latest updates and information. Read the iGuide here.