It’s easy to believe that quality is better than quantity when it comes to lead generation. Usually, it’s because the quantity, despite great numbers, ultimately create less value compared to a single, quality lead. It’s also based on the assumption that you can’t have both or at least presumes you have to choose one over the other most of the time.

And while lead quality will inevitably win out, it does have one particular obstacle before proving the concept: Sustainability.

Sustainability is a multi-faceted concept among those who do it best. But in its simplest form, it’s the idea of keeping the business running.

So when it comes to your leads at least, you have to make sure it contributes to that objective. For all you Walking Dead fans, here’s some examples using zombies and firearms. Say you can kill one zombie with one bullet. You think you’re a good shot right? You don’t want to waste all your ammo stuffing just a couple walkers full of lead.

Yet, suppose you’re facing a bigger horde. You’re pressed for time. Do you think sniping them all one by one is going to save you? It might’ve just made you wish you brought along that AK back there.

That’s how sustainability works from the perspective of B2B sales and marketing. Even if you could produce a couple of high quality leads per three months, it could be just as bad if you were producing a bunch of low quality ones en masse in that same span of time. You can argue that going for quality saves up on unnecessary marketing, but is that enough to keep you from running low on revenue?

The good news is that this by no means justify quantity over quality. It’s just a matter of understanding your lead generation campaign in light of sustainability.

  • Remember the purpose of quality opportunities – Why are you looking for these opportunities? It’s to keep everything going. The moment it stops keeping things from going is the moment you’re in trouble, regardless of how qualified your leads are.
  • Everything is relative to sustainability – It can really depend on your business model you know. Sometimes you can survive on weeks without a lead. Other times you need this much leads in order to survive each coming quarter. The balance between quality and quantity is determined by sustainability.
  • Others have to see your efforts from a sustainability perspective – You have to do your part in bringing down siloes in your organization. That includes communicating to everyone what role you play keeping it alive. Quality and quantity may not matter much if the bottom line isn’t served.