My Google search of the word “innovation” leads me to 352,000,000 results in .26 seconds. This shows how innovation has become synonym to our existence in 21st century. Whether you are a illuminated lightbulbs represents innovationcorporation or an individual, innovation transcends industries, cultures, geographical boundaries, and much more.

Has the change in mindset towards innovation been sudden? Or is it an age-old trait of human civilization that we have inherited from our forefathers and has been augmented to its current state due to advancements in science and technology?

The human race has constantly evolved through ages. And the beauty of it is that we evolve every second of our lives to be better. We learn from our experiences and explore new options to make things around us even better for betterment of our lives. My theory is that unconsciously a gene not found in genetics books called Innovation has been added to our DNA.

The Webster-Merriam dictionary defines innovation as an act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods. Most importantly, an idea is the main ingredient of the primordial soup to innovation, along with faith in that idea gets it to reality. the story of innovation will be incomplete if we don’t tell what makes us take this voyage to unknowns, create something new, invigorate, and make something unimaginable imaginable.

It is inadvertently our desire to get rid of problems that this mundane world inflicts on us. Invariably, we go out to solve that problem, and while figuring out a solution to that problem, we sometimes stumble on another inherent or self-created problem. We go out to solve this new problem, so the pursuit of excellence and problem solving continues with new solutions coming out one after another.

The problems themselves are infinite and touch a diverse set of knowledge areas: from arts to sciences, from space to uncharted oceans, from philosophy to questions of our own existence. It is the power of the human mind and imagination that, when we encounter any problem, we have a set of hypotheses ready to explore as potential solutions. No doubt in this pursuit to excellence, another key ingredient “failure” plays a critical role. Failure paves the way to success and each time we fail it gives us opportunity to reinvent ourselves in turn our solutions.

Innovation is truly a story of human ingenuity, perseverance ,and traits, which all of us have cleverly intertwined to our human self. We explore it more as it grows, or we lose it. Let us all explore what innovative self we have to offer to contribute to betterment of humanity.

I will end this blog post with a Sanskrit shaloka from The Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upanishad, an old Sanskrit text which clearly defines my definition of innovation:

  • “Asato mā sad gamaya – “From ignorance, lead me to truth
  • Tamaso mā jyotir gamaya – From darkness, lead me to light
  • Mṛtyormā amṛtam gamaya – From death, lead me to immortality