Soccket soccer ball by Uncharted Play

Everyday we move. As we move, we naturally use and create kinetic energy. The kinetic energy of an object, or person, is defined as the energy which is possessed due to its motion. The way we understand kinetic energy in its current definition, dates back to the works of the mid 19th century. So to say the least, this concept isn’t new, but there are new uses for the concept.

Soccket: How An Innovative Soccer Ball Can Change The WorldOne extraordinary example, which seems so simplistic and genius (why didn’t we think of it, right?) is the Soccket. The Soccket is a soccer ball invented by Uncharted Play, which is equipped with a portable generator, that through use and the internal technology, generates electricity creating an off-grid energy source. The energy is then transformed into a source to light an LED lamp, providing an eco-friendly light source.

In the simplest terms, if you play with the ball for 30 minutes, you will have three hours worth of light. Pretty cool, huh?

The world-changing and lifesaving uses come from the idea that soccer is one of the biggest sports in the world and easily organized and played in places where electricity isn’t readily available or affordable. Because the Soccket is only 2-3 ounces heavier than a regular soccer ball and does not need to be inflated, nor will it deflate, it can be widely used and accepted.

Now, imagine an underserved area with little access to electricity. Through a Soccket or two, the ability to help light a medical procedure or “health facility” through the night hours and provide proper care is possible. Specifically, how about positively affecting birth rates? The newborn mortality rate in some underserved areas is much greater if a baby is born during night hours when light isn’t available. Imagine a newborn, who might not have otherwise been able to survive, is then able to be delivered and the mother and baby receive proper care because there is light.

Amazing? Yes.

This isn’t the first product to transfer kinetic energy into something useable (check out this rocking horse flashlight), but it is focused on making a difference worldwide.

This innovative product is still working toward coming full market. Check out their Kickstarter campaign that is helping this concept become a reality and bringing light to low-income areas of North and South America.