Whether it’s “just you” or you’ve got a team, how great would it be if you had a company that ran without you? Or, how great would it be if you only had to do the things that you love to do? I believe that the answer to each of those questions is the path to the other.

Over the last 21 years, I’ve gone from being a solopreneur to leading an organization that runs itself while I sit in a coffee shop writing this blog. Here’s the truth for me, it is unlikely that I will have enough cash in the bank to feel comfortable “retiring”. My best investment is the revenue producing organization I have created.

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Here’s a few ways for you to begin your process of scaling up:

  1. Think like an organization to become one. Take some time to create an organizational chart. Even though it might look like “you, you, you, you” right now, it will be the foundation for building your team of the future – internally, virtually or with strategic partners.
  1. Begin the process of outsourcing and delegating. Start by outsourcing the tasks that you absolutely should not be doing: things that stress you out, are simply forms of procrastination, or you have no business doing. Start with the finances – if you are not a financial person and are still doing your own books – get rid of it. Also, consider outsourcing your social media if it calls to you like a “drug of choice”.
    You are going to come to a point where you cannot afford to NOT get some help. I hope you make that change before you are on the “I can do it myself quicker” hamster wheel – as time goes by, it gets harder to get off.
  1. Focus on driving revenue. As you go through #1 and #2 above, you should be clearing the decks to focus on that which you are uniquely qualified to do. This is the core of your business and it’s where you must spend your time.
  1. Document it all. As you start this process, document it … document it ALL (actually have the people you are delegating to document it). Create processes and keep it simple. Simple ideas are easy to understand. Ideas that are easy to understand are repeated. Ideas that are repeated create transformation. If you haven’t read the E-Myth, it’s a must!
  1. Maintain focus as you expand. Do not fall prey to the shiny object syndrome. Have your team hold you accountable. Work referral sources, get clear on niche markets or specific verticals. Be proactive about your time and make sure the revenue producing tasks are always the first priority.

The reality is, you may have to step backward to move forward. There are 4 “steps” towards scaling up:

  1. Plan – get strategic and document it all
  2. Execute – move forward with a clear direction and SMART goals. Test, measure, tweak (and continue to update documentation).
  3. Expand– once you’ve got the right formula you “turn the volume up” to scale
  4. Self-Sustaining – you become the leader of the organization giving guidance to your team, focusing on driving revenue and on the things that bring you the greatest joy.

Simple but not easy!