Most people view entrepreneurs as fiercely independent. They  venture into the unknown without looking back and, at times, they risk everything they have.  However, a large part of entrepreneurship involves enlisting the support of others. No matter how revolutionary or creative your idea, it will never last without the backing of other people. Festivals like the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, are some of the best places to inform the public and garner support for what you are doing as an entrepreneur. This year, I had the privilege of speaking at the festival, and I came up with some advice for entrepreneurs who find themselves with an opportunity to present their idea when everything is on the line. Here are my top tips on how bring your ideas to life:

1.  Be Yourself. What can you pitch during 90 seconds? Nothing but you. Pitch is all about you. Once you get noticed, people will start to be interested in your product. Pitch yourself, be yourself! Imagine that you are trying to save the world as a salespreneur.

2.    Stand Out. It’s difficult to be a small fish in a big pond, but there is no time to blend in with a sea of competitors. How will they remember you? What about your presentation will last in their minds long after this pitch is over?

3.    Open Yourself.  Entrepreneurship does not happen in a bubble. You need to talk to people and have as many small talks as you can. Open yourself, be active! Set a personal networking goal and stick to it. If you are shy, trick yourself into socializing by playing a game. See how many people’s names you can collect, how many business cards, or how many people you can get to tell you where they are from.

4.    Don’t Look Back. If money-making is a sin, welcome to hell. Go for your ideas with no regrets. Look forward—the bright future of your idea is ahead of you.