Even before the information that we know about outsourcing services became basically attached to a global organization’s toolbox, it still remains as true as they are today. Well-implemented outsourcing solutions result to the following benefits: cost reduction, increased productivity, flexibility, and the ability to focus on your business cores. Nevertheless, there’s one more thing that outsourcing can give you – innovation.

It’s a threatening challenge for most businesses today to innovate or die. To become the leader of the competition, a business has to know what’s coming next and create an innovation consequently. Outsourcing providers can play a huge part in innovation although their services are meant to help decision makers focus more on their business. That is, if and when they’re given the chance.

Businesses have to look at innovation in a different way for it to reflect on outsourcing solutions. They aren’t just a portion of strategy that’s designed to ensure the success of non-critical business operations. Outsourcing services can also help you alter your business so you can provide your customers the kind of innovation they need.

Innovation dwells in the best BPO relationships, and the best BPO relationships dwell in environments where motivation, trust, collaboration and consultation occur.

Motivation – BPO companies obtain the drive they need from being around their client’s decision-making processes, particularly in the areas where their solutions are used. Expectations aren’t just met, but exceeded, when an outsourcing services provider is given the right kind of motivation.

Collaboration and consultation – It’s true, implementing outsourcing solutions with a mindset that BPO companies are simply just service providers can get the job done. But in order to get the most out of outsourcing, you must consider your BPO provider as a “strategic partner.” BPO providers must allow clients to become actively involved in modifying solutions by means of collaborating – whether as part of a testing phase or in giving constructive feedback. This is to grow and transform your business.

On the other hand, clients must also engage with the teams handling their processes. Although client calls and interaction are already a standard procedure in bringing successful delivery of projects, regular and centered discussions for brainstorming will also bring out the best in both the outsourcing services provider and client. This is crowdsourcing at its best.

Business Process OutsourcingTrust – This is the most important in the list because a company should acquire the services of a trustworthy BPO provider. The trust grows and when it happens, results go from ‘desire’ to ‘exceed expectations.’

Whenever trust, motivation, collaboration and consultation are present, business relationships become unified and create a win-win situation. The BPO company becomes more than an outsourcing services provider, it becomes a partner.

On the other hand, innovation in outsourcing isn’t as spectacular as one might think. Nonetheless, its impact is still striking, especially to a business’s bottom line.