More and more enterprises are turning to mobility to enable their sales force with tools they canCaucasian worker talking on cell phone and using digital tablet access on the go, as well as increase collaboration and communication amongst their employees. These are only two of the massive mobile opportunities for enterprises, but they won’t come easy.

To successfully realize the effects of BYOD, specific challenges like different devices, operating systems, and support for both must be managed. Not to mention creating easy to use applications which are both scalable and secure.

One industry well positioned to help enterprises overcome these challenges, as well as redefine themselves, is Telcos. Entering the mobility market with unique timing as their own revenues are declining, they will need to evolve in four ways in order to truly capitalize on this opportunity and avoid becoming obsolete.

The first, as suggested by a recent white paper, is to drink their own champagne. This means that telcos must mobilize their own operations.

“Innovating from the inside out can enable telcos to develop an intimate understanding of the requisite tools and technologies in a familiar, risk-mitigated context, and gain a direct appreciation of the value of mobile processes and practices to the business”

The second level of evolution is to offer a managed environment for enterprise apps.

Enterprise mobility has become more than productivity apps, they are now in a next generation and supporting mission critical decision making. This leads us to the third evolution; telcos must provide hosted mobility plus off-the-shelf apps. An off the shelf enterprise app is:

  • Industry specific
  • Powered by workflows approvals, self-service tasks
  • Focused on mission critical processes

The most important piece of the puzzle is that these apps are customizable; giving enterprises the ability to tailor what the telcos offer to their needs. This can be invaluable in the long run.

The final evolution is the one which will position the telcos as a valuable partner, is to develop bespoke, or “highly differentiated apps from scratch.” According to the white paper, this approach will allow telcos to demonstrate their deep industry knowledge and provide a “one stop shop” for enterprises to turn to instead of dealing with multiple vendors.

While telcos continue to progress through these four levels of evolution they will be faced with a number of challenges, as detailed in the white paper. However, if they take a phased approach, and continue to focus on their strategy, they will see a huge success.

To learn more about the four levels of evolution, and how Telcos can capitalize on this opportunity, download The $50 billion Enterprise Mobility Opportunity: Four Steps for Telcos to Take Today (registration required).