When it comes to the developing a successful e-commerce store, you cannot take any chances. What you want is powerful and feature-rich e-commerce software, which could be integrated seamlessly into your online storefront. This software should be fully customizable, optimize-able and supports the steady growth of your business-say, your catalog/selection.

We believe Magento, an Open Source e-commerce Web app which comes with powerful tools that help you to increase your conversions is just right for the task.

As we know within the 5 years of its launch, Magento became one of the best CMS system for online businesses and retailers. This Infographic shows from where Magento’s success story begins.


Why Is Magento A Solution For The Enterprises?

There is no doubt in saying that Magento is the fastest growing solution for e-commerce. It offers enterprises World-class revenue boosting features at a comparatively low price, which allow them to take full advantage of their online channel. This is why it is a preferred choice of some of the most influential names in e-commerce. We prefer Magento as a solution for you because it is intuitive, easily expandable, feature-rich and offers extraordinary flexibility.

Compiling a long list of the various Magento features is not the objective of this content piece. However, here are some of the key attributes that Magento E-Commerce has for its users.

The Latest Features

  • With Magento’s Customer Segmentation and Targeted Promotion & Merchandizing features, you get to share your newest promotions or content (products and services) to customers who have common characteristics. This also helps you to increase customer satisfaction by personalizing order values or overall sales.

This proficient sorting facility lets you cater to the needs of browsers, that come to your site and drives them into customers.

Some Powerful Control And Marketing Features Of Magento 

  • Modular Architecture: Apart from being chock-full of attributes, Magento has a modular architecture which is backed by hundreds of third-party add-ons. This is also one of the main advantages of being an Open Source web app.
  • Customizable: Magento is completely customizable and scalable. This makes it an easy-to-use store front which is just as easy to be controlled from the back-end.
  • Add-ons: Not only are all the features of OSCommerce in Magento, users can also get many additional add-on modules. These add-ons encompass profitable schemes such as product comparisons, abandoned shopping cart reports, editable order emails, shipping estimator, and much-much more.
  • Easy Control: Magento with its in-store view allows you to setup multiple stores, which can either be of the same products, with different prices and even different languages- all from a single admin panel.
  •  Customizable Template:  Another great feature of Magento is its customizable template, which enables users to change the feel and look of their online stores, and even customize it for mobile phone users.
  • Organized Structure: Magento offers its users a well organized and clean site structure. The functional and easy-to-use back-end of Magento is written in PHP which uses clear definition and is rather sensible than any other application.
  • 24/7 Support: The expert team of Magento will always be there to provide you 24/7 technical support. To maximize the functionality the Magento teams answers all of your queries while you build and run your site.

What This Means For Your Business

Magento has modified all the best practices of OSCommerce and taken them to the next level of sophistication. With Magento, you get to create new customers and keep the loyal customers coming back as well. This approach of Magento has revolutionized E-Commerce and Big names like EBay, Lenovo, and Adidas etc are clear testimonies to Magento’s credentials.

As e-commerce is gaining momentum, businesses all over the world are going cash the most out of Magento.

Offering such high profit margin and transparency, Magento is the most convenient choice when compared to other platforms.  So whether, you are a small store or a multichannel business, such Powerful features of Magento can give you an edge over your competition while increasing your conversions.