Digital Drawing Management

Many businesses are faced with storing large amounts of paper drawings and large format documentation, which can gradually take over your office space. If your business is looking to expand or reduce overheads, digital drawings management should be considered.

Large format documents can be critical for the success of construction or engineering project management, as well as maintenance for existing equipment or buildings.

If not stored in the right environment, drawings can become brittle, fade or damp, which can be costly if your business depends on this information. Data can also be lost due to fire damage or even theft.

Many businesses consider backing up their computers and data, but paperwork is often overlooked until disaster strikes, this should be considered as part of your business continuity plans.

Large Format Scanning

Scanning bureaus can digitise your large format drawings and plans, using high quality large format scanning technology. These scanners can digitise your information, including feint pencil marks and information in black and white or colour. Any type of drawing material can be scanned included transparency, vellum, linen or fabric.

  • Large format documents can range in size, commonly A0, A1 or A2 in size.
  • Digital data can be returned in any required format e.g. tiff, pdf or jpeg and some scanning bureaus offer IT services to join large drawings together.
  • Images can be cleaned up to remove marks, folds or other issues to provide a high quality digital image.
  • The scanned images can be returned on a CD, DVD, USB or via secure FTP transfer.
  • Any associated drawing information, e.g. drawing number, date, location or other reference can be indexed as meta data, with the digital image. This enables drawings to be found easily using a simple keyword search.

Cloud Document Management

Once you’ve gone through the process of digitising your large format drawings and documents, they can be stored in a cloud document management system. The benefits of using digital document management for your plans and drawings include:-

  • Flexible access to your information from any location, using a web browser.
  • Fast search functionality by any indexed field.
  • Your team can add notes and messages associated with a particular drawing and assign tasks to other employees.
  • Information can be digitally filed by key reference and searched from other systems. For example an employee could be working in Microsoft Excel, highlight a project reference number and press a quick search key, all associated documents or drawings would then appear in a box on the screen for users to view or download.