innovative product packaging it's not just what's on the inside that counts

Innovation is key when it comes to getting people to buy your products. However, with supermarket shelves full of competing products, you need to think outside of the box when it comes to the functionality and design of your packaging. Innovative product packaging is one of the best ways to encourage the purchase of your product. The style, color, and the way it dispenses the product contained within all need to appeal to your customers. If they don’t, you could find yourselves rapidly losing market share.

Take a look at these innovative packaging ideas to see if you could incorporate any into your brand.

Contemporary chocolate

Cadbury wanted to make their brand more attractive while still incorporating their history. They evolved their packaging with a matte finish and brighter colours, designed to help customers find their favorite bars more easily. This premium finish added to the quality of the product.

Take a look at this packet of Pebbles to see for yourself.

Solving the problem with toothpaste

A brand of toothpaste tackled one of their customers’ key pain points head on with a new packaging design. The company added the option to tear off the bottom of the tube so that customers could easily get to the last dregs without having to try to squeeze them all the way to the top of the tube – an easy solution to a common problem.

The portable nappy changing kit

Every manufacturer of baby care products wants to make lives easier for parents – enter the portable nappy changing kit. It contains a neatly packaged portable changing mat inside a box which also has room for a nappy, wet wipes and disposable bags. This is a perfect example of innovative product packaging and cross selling your products.

Wet wipes for kids

Most parents have been there when their children have eaten an ice-cream in the car or finished their dinner and needed to be cleaned up quickly. This can be time consuming for parents, while taking time to get cleaned up feels like too much of a chore for children. This ultimately causes a struggle. Attractively packaged wipes designed to appeal to children look great on the shelves or as part of a checkout POS display. Child friendly packaging and themes not only attracts parents, but can attract the children too. There’s no better way of selling a product aimed at children than through the actual child.

If you think that your packaging requires a revamp, your starting point should be to speak to your suppliers. Not only will they be able to offer advice but they will be able to work with your team to discover just what’s possible and what will work to get your products flying off the shelves. Knowing what your customers’ key ‘pain’ areas are could also lead to some innovative packaging ideas


  • Innovative product packaging can be a great differentiator for your product.

  • Packaging design can be used to appeal to a specific customer segment and tackle specific areas of pain, making them more attractive for customers.

  • Discuss your innovative packaging ideas and requirements with your supplier, they will be able to use their experience to guide and advise.


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This post was originally published on the Rockline blog.