You might not realize it, but communications is the lifeblood of your business. Your ability to do everything from team collaboration to customer experience hinges on your communications technology.

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is one of the latest communications technologies to emerge. In this post, we’ll talk about VoIP’s capabilities and how you can use it to your advantage.

What is VoIP?

As the name implies, VoIP allows you to make calls through the internet. When you make a call through VoIP, your voice is converted into data and transmitted through your internet broadband connection.

The technology has, in some form, existed since the 90s. Yet it is now a viable method of business communication thanks to the global proliferation of the internet and smart devices.

By contrast, traditional phone lines use physical copper wire connections to transmit a call from one user to another. For business communication, our tried and true phone lines pale in comparison to team management software such as VoIP. Here are some of the reasons why VoIP is changing the future of business:

It’s cost-effective

When you make long-distance and international calls, you expect hefty charges. Businesses use global communications on a larger scale than the average individual and likely spend significantly more. Yet, studies claim that companies who switch from traditional phone lines to VoIP save between 50-75% on installation, usage, and maintenance costs.

Since VoIP calls transmit through the internet, there are no installation costs, unlike with traditional phone lines. VoIP calls are also much cheaper than the usual per-minute charging from landline connections. You only need to pay for the monthly service charge with VoIP.

Maintenance is another potential cost of using traditional phone lines. Since this technology utilizes physical copper wires and hardware that gets outdated, service providers need to repair or upgrade infrastructure more often. VoIP, by comparison, is usually plug-and-play, and the costs are minimal for a teleconferencing solution.

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VoIP offers easy integration

A business operates through multiple channels of communication. VoIP makes it possible to integrate many different communication methods, like instant messaging and video calls.

You’ve probably faced this same problem; you’re talking over the phone with a team member and need to show them a document. You can do this through VoIP in just a few clicks. VoIP also supports teleconferencing, so you don’t necessarily need to leave your station to participate in meetings.

Utilizing unified communications through VoIP makes it easier for clients to reach you. They can also toggle between different lines of interaction without much effort. Ease of contact can translate to trust. If customers have any questions, knowing you’re readily available to assist will reassure them. VoIP’s integrated approach to communications is a great convenience, and it’ll allow you to strengthen your relationships internally and with customers.

It increases your mobility

With VoIP, you can answer calls using any device with an internet connection. With physical office infrastructure no longer necessary, VoIP paves the way for telecommuting. You can manage your business by communicating with team members and clients alike, which may call for a refresh of your cold call script as sales can be done much more efficiently.

With this, being on-the-move no longer limits productivity. You can collaborate with members of the team even if you are in a different location. You can also keep up to date with projects while out traveling or on business trips.

Moreover, VoIP has a virtual number feature wherein you can set the area code of your phone line. Personnel can make business calls using designated business numbers even if they are out-of-office, maintaining professionalism while on-the-go.

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Global connection for a global business

Sometimes, making changes to processes and software can be disruptive. However, VoIP and other collaboration software are bringing businesses around the globe a great deal more reach and efficiency, and can easily do the same for you.