The word “millennial” is practically synonymous to different terms that describe spoiled brats.

Entitled? Privileged? Self-centered? Lazy? You name it.

But did you know that there’s more to millennials than meets the eye?

Whether you like it or not, they’re making a (positive) impact on traditional businesses in the digital age.

In this post, you’ll learn how millennials are making it happen!

You will see how their approach is breaking down traditional businesses as we know it and putting their digital stamp to them.

The Curious Case of Millennials

Question Mark

1981 and 1996. These years, along with the years in between, are when millennials were born.

Because they’re the media’s favorite, they are branded with a lineup of names. Gen Y, echo boomers… you pick.

Unfortunately, though, the media won’t crown these millennials as “the most behaved” anytime soon. And based on how some famous millennials act, you can’t help but agree.

On the flip side, solely basing what you think of them on the media’s perspective seems unfair. If you won’t generalize millennials, it’s not hard to see there’s greatness in them, too!

Mark Zuckerberg, Elizabeth Holmes, and Eduardo Saverin? A common denominator between them is that they are insanely rich and successful. That and they are also millennials!

Beyond these three names, of course, there are more! And you know what? They are being criticized for the same qualities that make them awesome!

So if you insist on looking at matters fairly, you will see that millennials aren’t just a generation of stubborn children. This generation is just misunderstood.

With Just a Click of a Button

Take, for example, the retail industry. If millennials left it alone, do you think it would’ve revolutionized to its current state?

Back then, you had to take a shower and dress up. Then get outside of your house to buy a couple of items at a grocery store.

Now, all you need to do is simply take out your mobile phone. Then visit a nearby grocery store’s website, add items to your cart, send payment, and you’re good to go. The stuff you bought from that store will be delivered to your home!

And this game-changing experience isn’t limited to groceries. The same privilege goes to you when you want to buy fast food, clothes, books, electronics, and more.

Basically, almost everything you want is all just a click away! The same privilege goes to you when you want to buy fast food, clothes, books, electronics, and more. Basically, almost everything you want is all just a click away!

One of the standouts in this department is the beauty brand with a $1.4 million revenue on Amazon, InstaNatural.

With so many beauty product lines to count, InstaNatural separates itself by creating skin products from natural resources instead of chemicals.

The result is an effective and safe line of beauty products for all types of skin!

InstaNatural Homepage

So it’s inarguable that a big part of InstaNatural’s success is the demand for its product. But if the company capitalized solely on it and refused to take the wheel, it might not have gotten far.

Luckily, the company is a forward-thinker. It knows better than to just ride shotgun and let situations be in the driver’s seat. It didn’t sleep or stay idle.

Particularly, it used the power of keywords and optimization to drive traffic and raise conversions! And thanks to its aggressive product development and marketing strategy, it got to shake hands with success.

To smoothen things out, you should know the founder of InstaNatural is AJ Patel. And would you mind guessing from which generation he falls under? That’s right: he’s a millennial!

Taking Your Life Online

Another unique quality of millennials is their knack for idealism. Once they set their mind into something, they’re unlikely to back down until they see it to completion

Dreaming big can be scary. And when your dream ends up in pieces, it’s traumatic. But is there any other way to kickstart a grand adventure?

No, there’s not. And millennials are bold enough to take risks. Sure, these risks could end up shattering their spirits. But these same risks can also open the door for them to a very promising life.

When these millennials tapped into the Internet of Things (IoT), they took the industry by storm. Now, there are magical things all around. AI-powered cleaners, digital doorbells, and more are part of existence.

Internet of Things

If you think life is already moving too fast for you with the latest mobile phones and technology coming out, you’d be surprised by the possibilities in store for you!

One of those possibilities is Ellie, a digital pillbox that organizes your medicines according to type and not time.

Founded by 25-year old Regina Vatterott, Ellie is the perfect companion for people who keep forgetting to take their pills and find themselves taking the incorrect one at the wrong time.

Every time you need your medicine, the pillbox will sound an alarm and shows from the LED cover the medicine you must take.

You’d think that a tool so simple would have existed back then. But only the founder and co-founder Abe Matamoros were able to turn a possibility into reality!

As part of the IoT industry, innovations such as this one allows people to improve their lives with the help of technology. But Ellie is just a drop of a pin in the haystack. There’s more surface for the IoT industry to scratch, and the millennials are spearheading the charge.


And speaking of these millennials’ penchant for making internet use better, did you know that you can use an app to help you care for pets?

Apart from the industries of retail and internet, the pet industry also enjoyed a renaissance thanks to millennials!

Millennials, after all, are not afraid to go the unconventional route. They’re willing to approach matters from a different angle.

For example, they choose to settle into marriage and family life later than their parents. It makes them different and they don’t mind.

They also know that adopting babies is not everyone’s cup of tea. If other people prefer to adopt pets instead, they have their backs And that is why this industry’s CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) is an impressive 14%!

They even created a market for the friends of the furry ones! It’s called BabelBark and its a one-stop feed for all things related to your pet.


Fully launched in 2018, it made waves by encouraging the growth rate of connected pets and pet services with over 200,000 already connected. It’s such a hit that it was able to raise $8.6 million so far and is available for every veterinarian clinic, pet service and pet parent in North America.

It’s the digital platform that provides value, especially to these three communities:

  • New pet parents get peace of mind regarding their pet’s well-being. It’s the only platform that allows people to find the best pet service providers in your area, save your favorites, and book appointments. Do you have an appointment with the groomer? How about a heartworm medication due at 8:00 AM tomorrow? Did you lose or pet or do you need emergency support? BabelBark has got you covered.
  • Pet businesses are in with the best software tools. This platform can help people track and manage the needs of pet parents with ease! You can store medical records, vaccination reminders, and medication list of your pet patients. You can also track nutrition and weight using a medical journal.
  • Veterinary hospitals get the resources they need to trusted advisors. This platform can connect them with all service-providers that will keep pets in top shape!


So say what you want about millennials. But you can’t hide the fact that they’re shaping the world. And they’re doing it to make it a much better place.

If you want to voice out your opinions about how ill-behaved they are, go ahead. Because they’re focused on making great things happen.

And there’s no stopping their penchant for innovation!

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