Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest tech topics today, partly because it has already changed the way businesses interact with their audiences. AI-powered messaging solutions, also known as chatbots, have allowed companies to provide assistance for their customers and potential clients around the clock. Now, artificial technology is slowly infiltrating the world of big corporations and enterprises as well.

Thanks to advancements in AI technology, artificial intelligence messaging solutions are now helping enterprises automate and streamline numerous business processes. These messaging solutions, sometimes called enterprise chatbots, have many benefits like increased productivity and faster turnaround just to name a few.

That being said, setting up a successful enterprise chatbot requires a lot of planning and time investment. To help you out, I’ve put together an article that will teach you how to build an AI-powered chatbot and show you the benefits of using one for your enterprise.

Benefits of AI-Powered Enterprise Messaging Solutions

AI-powered messaging solutions offer an array of benefits and advantages, if used correctly. For instance, they can help big companies cut costs while improving performance. Once integrated, enterprise chatbots can provide information about specific accounts and statistics quickly and efficiently.

In addition, enterprise chatbots can:

Help Manage Projects

Small companies can get away with reduced teams, but larger corporations need as much help as they can get when it comes to organization. Enterprise chatbots are dynamic tools that can help you organize your tasks in a more efficient, productive, and cost-effective manner.

Each one of your clients has different needs, and AI-powered messaging solutions can help identify and ameliorate potential areas of improvement. They allow you to establish communication, receive regular updates, and generate reports automatically.

Serve as Virtual Assistants

Having a personal assistant at your disposal can take a huge load of work off of your hands, but not all employees can have their own secretary. But, AI-powered enterprise chatbots can serve as a virtual assistant not only for you, but for your entire team. They can help you make or change appointments, set reminders, make bookings on your behalf, provide extensive information about any major or minor company details, and much more.

Automate Mundane Tasks

One of the best ways to increase productivity is to find a mechanism that automates mundane, yet essential tasks that need to be carried out on daily basis. We all know that boring tasks can become a huge stress factor and can have a negative effect on productivity. Enterprise chatbots can help by taking over these grueling responsibilities, which are often simple in nature but considerably time-consuming.

Instead of hiring new personnel to address mundane responsibilities, big enterprises are implementing AI-powered chatbots. Automating these boring endeavors will help your team keep focus, spend their time completing tasks that add value to the company, and develop new strategies that help promote growth.

Collect Valuable Insights

One of the biggest reasons why chatbots are so efficient is because they help companies gather valuable information about their target audiences. These companies then use the information gathered to build marketing campaigns that have a better chance of connecting with their potential customers.

Enterprise chatbots can help do the same for a corporation’s internal structure. By collecting information about each transaction, an enterprise bot can reveal what areas of your business your team is struggling with the most. You can then use this information to build or remodel your training and upskilling programs, which will result in a more prepared staff.

Provide Assistance for B2B Applications

Artificial intelligence messaging solutions are now helping businesses with numerous B2B applications. These enterprise chatbots are designed to answer questions about supply options, stock, delivery schedules, invoicing, prices, and payments. Moreover, natural language processing and voice activated technologies allow users to interact by voice input, creating a seamless experience.

Streamline Internal Operations

Customer-facing chatbots are stealing the spotlight, but that hasn’t stopped enterprise bots from proving that they are versatile tools. Big enterprises can now streamline internal operations to cut down on paperwork and man hours spent on tasks that don’t generate revenue.

Enterprise chatbots are already being used in different departments, including human resources, finances, production, sales, customer service, and even purchasing. They help by creating reports, comparing prices, sending reminders, analyzing production outputs, and contributing to other vital areas.

Gather Feedback and Satisfaction Surveys

Businesses need to be aware of where they stand at all times, so having open feedback channels is critical for success. Moreover, you have to consider both external feedback that comes from your clients and internal responses from your employees. AI-powered enterprise chatbots can collect and organize surveys that will give you a good idea of where you stand with your customer base and how your team’s morale is doing.

Assist Your Sales Team

Your sales team is the engine of your enterprise, and you need to give it all the tools it needs to be successful. An enterprise chatbot can be a valuable tool for your sales team that can help them answer questions and find unique selling points for each service or product.

How to Build an Enterprise Chatbot

Although they have traditionally required extensive coding knowledge, you can now create an AI-powered enterprise chatbot in a matter of minutes thanks to platforms like Chattypeople. With Chattypeople you can create an AI-powered chatbot without any coding knowledge whatsoever, which you can then manage and optimize through their easy-to-use dashboard.

Building an enterprise chatbot requires a good amount of planning and precise execution. It’s important to remember that the first version you create will not probably be your last one, so you will most likely have to run through the creation process a few times before making it available to your team members

The first thing you have to do is set a tangible goal for your AI messaging solution. Ask yourself:

  • What department will my bot be serving?
  • What tasks take up most of my team’s time?
  • What is the most frequently asked question in the office?

Once you identify the purpose of your bot, you can start creating a list of features you would like it to include. Note that your team members will prefer a simple chatbot that can complete a few tasks rather than a complex bot that doesn’t work properly. Your bot’s artificial technology gives it the ability to learn with time, but you should start simple and give it more complicated tasks once it has mastered a few simple responsibilities.

Finally, you have to remember to optimize your bot similarly to how you would optimize a digital marketing campaign. There’s a huge array of metrics available so you can analyze each interaction, and make changes accordingly to increase user experience and overall performance.


The impact of artificial intelligence in modern society is becoming more and more obvious every day. Implementing an AI-powered enterprise chatbot can help your company cut costs and improve productivity dramatically. By following the tips I outlined above you can set up and implement an enterprise chatbot efficiently and start harnessing the power of AI technology.