HenningE / Pixabay

From color animation to RFID-enabled wristbands, the Walt Disney Company is a trailblazer of new technologies. Now, Disney’s technology team is transforming its workforce to focus on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. In his Shop.org 2017 keynote on Tuesday, Michael White, Senior VP of Technology at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, shared how the brand is changing their digital strategy.

Here are three things we learned.

1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the future:

“I really feel that the most transformative technology in the retail space since mobile is artificial intelligence and machine learning. The future of our industry. These tools have the ability to change every aspect of retail, both consumer-facing and back-of-house.”

“What we’re really talking about is training a computer in a way that enhances its ability to help us achieve our goals, and give consumers a better experience.”

2. Disney is using AI and machine learning to create an experience ecosystem:

“What is Disney doing to maximize these opportunities and the potential for these exciting technologies? We’re enhancing out digital and physical presence to deliver a more immersive, personalized, and robust omnichannel experience than ever before.”

The ‘Shop Disney’ store is a “Data-driven response to marketplace changes that empower and leverages our brands and best-in-class guest services–to give consumers a better Disney shopping experience.”

“We know that guests are often interested in more than just one Disney franchise, and we want to help our guests navigate that expanded assortment, enhanced discoverability, and connect them with a product that specifically appeals to them. We are using machine-learning to make these connections.”

3. AI and machine learning can deepen the connection with consumers:

“Instead of using time-consuming, error-prone methods, we’re leveraging machine learning to analyze data, provide real-time recognition and experiences that increase engagement and satisfaction.”

“We’re using AI to categorize the thousands of SKUs. Yes, this automation helps us be more efficient and accurate, but it also helps us improve the guest experience by allowing us to more granularly understand product assortment and guest affinity.”

“What really gets us excited about machine learning’s ability, is to deepen the connection between consumers and our stories through personalization, optimization, and enhanced experience.”