Increase your customers’ satisfaction with their shopping experience by providing them with the right technology, both in-store and online. 

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The winners in digital commerce will be those retailers which improve their customers’ experience by allowing them to start their purchase journey on a mobile or in-store, and continue it on their desktop computer – or vice versa. We crunch the numbers…

Wherever, whenever

To say that mobile shopping is exploding is an understatement; every business should ensure it capitalises on mobile shoppers with responsive website design and, in some cases, shopping apps.

37% of all UK online sales were made on a mobile device in August-October 2014.
Visits to retail websites via mobile devices also increased and now account for 50% of traffic.

Mobile in-store

Mobile is essential to customer satisfaction. In order to achieve customer-centric commerce, it is worth bringing this technology in-store.

Smartphones influenced £18 billion of store sales in 2013
People who use their smartphone while shopping spend over 61% more than the average.

High street technology

Bricks and mortar stores are integrating digital technology to improve customers’ experiences with interactive screens, Beacon technology and the use of iPads.

Nearly 38% of top retailers said they were using iPads in-stores and a further 56% said they were planning to use them in the future.

Nearly 38% said they were using customer apps and nearly 44% said they were planning to.

Click & Collect revolution

While the right technology is essential to improving customer satisfaction, customers are still attracted to physical spaces. Amazon has introduced collection lockers so customers can pick up items when they wish using a code number.

The number of UK shoppers using click and collect is set to more than double in the next three years. The same research found that 35% of online shoppers in the UK buy online and collect from store, compared with 13% in the US and 5% in Germany. By 2017, 76% of UK shoppers are expected to use the service, it said.


Achieving customer-centric commerce means giving customers exactly what they want.

21% of shoppers visited a retailer’s social media site because of a personalised offer in 2013
– a significant increase on 2012 (9%)

Do these consumers go on to make a purchase? If you get it right, they do: Tesco has been applauded for its creative ‘co-buy’ campaign in which fine wine lovers are encouraged to share deals on social media to receive discounts.

To do list

Nowadays there are multiple ways to shop. Retailers which are making the shopping experience customer-centric and seamless are winning.

In order to ensure your customers can use your technology, you must make sure:

  • Your website is optimised for mobile and tablet devices
  • Your apps are running smoothly
  • You’re taking advantage of the latest in-store technology
  • You’re offering Click and Collect, if your customers demand it
  • You’re personalising your marketing offers

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