Changpeng Zhao Net Worth

Known as CZ, the wealthy CEO of crypto exchange Binance posted a tweet thread on office work vs remote work in the business arena.

In a nine tweet thread on his Twitter handle CZ Binance (@cz_binance) today CZ wrote that one hour of high quality work is more valuable to a business than 10 hours just spent ‘in the office’, and remote work forces employees to produce measurable results.

On the pros of office work, he acknowledged that ‘in person communication is better if you can have it’. However for business operations of a certain size and scale, having local and regional teams based ‘close to your users’ are a must. Particularly in his field of Web3 and blockchain projects, of which ‘most are global’.

Changpeng Zhao also noted that in an office workplace environment managers have a tendency to micromanage employees, which is a negative and ‘kills creativity’.

Some of Zhao’s most interesting pieces of business advice were:

‘Remote work allows your slackers to slack off, which is a good thing. Why? It makes them more visible. After a period of time, they will have no results. And you can bottom them out.

Remote workers waste no commute time. Less tired. Less sweaty. More time to do real work. Remote workers can take a break when they are tired, like taking a nap, and wake up energized.

When you don’t force people to sit in an office from 9-6, they are more willing to take that 11PM (or 1AM) call with their colleagues in a different location.’

Changpeng Zhao Net Worth

The Chinese-Canadian businessman is now ranked 19th on the Forbes billionaires list, recently rising 44 places to break into the top 20 richest men in the world.

That’s also a significant rise from being outside the top 1500 in 2021 and barely in the top 2000 in 2019. Changpeng Zhao founded Binance exchange in 2017.

Today Binance has the highest trading volume of any crypto platform with the widest range of altcoins alongside Bitcoin – over 600 different cryptocurrencies and DeFi tokens have been listed, and the exchange supports over 100 staking products.

Thanks to its international team of remote workers, CZ explained Binance has been able to ‘hire talent globally, no matter their location. Not all top talents are willing to move to a different country or city.’

Changpeng Zhao ended his tweet thread by telling his 6.6 million followers: ‘We are no longer in the industrial age. Hire people you trust, then trust them. Work smart, work remote!’

The multi-billionaire is also still bullish on the future of Bitcoin, recently saying a good time for investors to buy historically is when ‘Bitcoin is dead‘ headlines appear in media.

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